We all know Mondays can be hard. But there's nothing like the Monday after the Super Bowl, aka the day when 16 million employees will call in "sick." Instead of having most of their employees just not show up, Heinz decided to give all of their employees the day off, coining the day Smunday.

Not only are they giving their employees the day off, they want everyone in the country to be able to relax and take the necessary time to recover after Super Bowl Sunday. Just because you weren't playing in the actual game does not mean you don't need just as much TLC as the players. Heinz is starting a petition to make Smunday a real thing. If they get enough signatures, it might even make its way to Congress. Kidding, but not really. 

They are comparing the petition to their brand, saying that "Heinz brand doesn’t settle on delivering superior taste or quality and we don’t believe America should have to settle on the day after the best sports day of the year." I don't know about you, but I don't trust anyone who doesn't use Heinz ketchup. Don't settle.

Heinz also decided to not have a commercial during this year's Super Bowl. But I have a feeling they are getting enough publicity with Smunday. More people will probably be talking about this than that adorable Budweiser commercial with the golden retriever puppy. I mean Heinz's online campaign is with adults in full on ketchup and mustard bottles. What's better than that?

Although it is somewhat of a joke (but hopefully a soon-to-be reality), they do want everyone to sign, if not for you, “for your sanity. For your family. For your country.” They wanna make Monday more like a Sunday, and to be honest, who doesn't? This should be a thing every week. BRB while I go and start the petition for that.