We all go through stages of trying to eat healthy, causing us to scroll through our Pinterest feeds and Tasty videos for hours to find the perfect recipes that actually look good. This can seem pretty daunting, and when you actually see what ingredients are needed for these recipes, pretty expensive too.

When you're busy with studying and class, try some of these healthy snacks you can take on the go will save you time and money.  The best part, they can all be bought at your local grocery store.

1. Chocolate or Naked Almonds

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Hannah Daly

Chocolate-covered almonds are a go-to snack when you start to feel those mid-day cravings because they cater toward every sweet tooth craving. Not only are almonds a delicious snack, they also provide tons of health benefits (even when paired with dark chocolate). On top of providing cholesterol-lowering benefits, they also keep you feeling full for longer, which means less binge snacking on cheese puffs (although that's necessary sometimes).

2. Dried Fruit 

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Niki Laskaris

Fresh fruit is a favorite but tends to be more expensive and goes bad before you get the chance to devour it. This alternative is just as good. There's usually an endless amount of dried fruit ranging from bananas to apricots in the produce section at any grocery store. Just be careful and avoid the brands that secretly coat the fruit in sugar.

3. Stacy's Pita Chips

Hannah Daly

From cinnamon sugar to roasted jalapeño, Stacy's offers a variety of pita chips, and are a good substitute for traditional greasy chips. You can dip and go with guacamole or hummus. Pita bread is a great alternative to white bread, and can even be used to make a delicious low-carb pizza.

4. Frozen Fruit

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Natsuko Mazany

Eat it as is or throw it in a blender and make one of these delicious smoothies. Frozen fruit can stay in your freezer until finals without going bad, and it is just as delicious as fresh fruit.  You can even make healthy ice cream using one frozen banana.  What better way to snack than with low calorie ice cream?

5. Pretzels

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Hannah Daly

The possibilities are endless with this snack. Yogurt, chocolate and plain pretzels are the most common, and all of these are easy to find in your grocery store. Yogurt is a great source of protein and calcium so you don't need to feel guilty about binge-eating them while watching a Friends marathon. 

6. Hummus

soup, vegetable, cream
Sterling Martin

Chances are if you go into your local grocery store you will find an overwhelming array of Hummus. This is because, let's face it, hummus is bomb. Grab a pack of carrots or put it on some toast, and you're ready to snack away the healthy way.  

7. Popcorn

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Renee Chiu

It may be tempting to grab the butteriest or cheesiest popcorn on the shelf, but try to stick to lightly salted kinds to avoid bloating and excess calories. Grab a bowl and enjoy these delicious popcorn recipes before heading off to class, you won't regret it.