We all know this scenario: It’s almost March and your New Year’s resolution to eat better hasn’t quite planned out the way you intended. You started off strong, but with midterms and work and social obligations, the desire to eat a well-balanced diet somehow slipped down your priority list. If this describes you, have no fear; Spoon’s got your back. Check out these 5 inspiring Instagram accounts to get back on the track to health!

1. @frommybowl


Photo courtesy of @frommybowl on Instagram

One of Spoon’s own, Caitlin Shoemaker serves up daily doses of colorful, hearty, and, most importantly, healthy inspiration. Even better than her photography are the recipes and commentary that accompany them. With tie-dye smoothies, banana bread sandwiches, and rainbow salads, @frommybowl makes eating healthy look fun and easy.

2. @RochelleBilow


Photo courtesy of @RochelleBilow on Instagram

A senior associate web editor at Bon Appetit magazine, Rochelle Bilow knows how to eat well and is not afraid of adding a little butter. This account proves that veganism is not the only route to health, and that having a well-balanced diet can be sweet, salty, and a little bit greasy.

3. @jessicamurnane


Photo courtesy of @jessicamurnane on Instagram

A mom and founder of her own inspiring website, Jessica Murnane shows that healthy eating can be uncomplicated and easy. With so many responsibilities to juggle, Jessica and her Instagram feed provide great inspiration for the college student who needs a quick, hearty meal.

4. @julieskitchen


Photo courtesy of @julieskitchen on Instagram

Julie’s Kitchen is another great example of a well-balanced omnivore diet; she eats eggs, meat, cheese, and pastries galore, but all in moderation. Her Instagram feed shows how beautifully she balances her heavy meals with abundant veggie dishes and beautiful food collages.

5. @ohladycakes


Photo courtesy of @ohladycakes on Instagram

Because we all need a little dessert in our lives, here’s an Instagram account that delivers sweet, nutritional dishes that are actually, dare we say, healthy. From truffles to Momofuku-style cakes to waffles, Ashlae Warner’s recipes show us that chocolate can, and should, be part of a healthy diet.

Cheers to utilizing social media to live life to the fullest and tastiest!