I’m no health freak (heck, I eat ice cream every day!), but I just can’t stand when people claim foods are healthy when they just aren’t good for you in reality. Here’s a look at some food myths busted:


Photo by Redsie05

Before scarfing down a bowl of this sugary goodness every morning, understand that a single serving of granola can contain as much sugar as a can of coke.  That’s enough sugar for your entire day and you’re eating it all before you fully wake up. Mix a handful of granola in with a healthier cereal to trick your brain into thinking you’re still getting your daily dose of crunch.


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Unless you’re making that smoothie yourself, make sure you know exactly what is in it.  The addition of sugary juices, ice cream, peanut butter or syrups can quickly turn a healthy fruit drink into a fat-packed milkshake. Keep in mind that a purchased smoothie will be way worse for you than one you make yourself. Make your own and save a boatload of cash too!


Photo by Julie Smith

While Gatorade isn’t horrible for you, it definitely won’t turn you into Michael Jordan dripping orange sweat.  It’s packed with carbohydrates and electrolytes (a fancy term for salt), which are great for when you’re working out, but in most cases you’re better off sticking to water.

Trail Mix

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Filled with chocolate and sweetened fruits, trail mix isn’t exactly healthy.  While nuts have protein, fiber and vitamin E, they are also full of fat. It’s okay to have a handful here and there, but remember you’re not a squirrel so you shouldn’t eat like one!


Photo by Richard Thomas

CLIF BARs were originally designed to provide energy to cyclists in need of great tasting nutrition sources.  Be careful eating these as a snack food because they are packed with highly caloric carbohydrates, protein, and fiber.  Understand that CLIF BARs are not granola bars, but energy bars.

With this all in mind, know what you’re eating.  It helps to check the proper serving size and stick to that as best you can!  If you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle, think about exactly what you’re putting into your body.