While nights out at the bar tend to be full of unnecessary calories, there's no reason to keep piling them on after leaving. Here's a breakdown of the healthiest (and still delicious) options at the most popular late-night College Park eateries:

Slices Pizza Co.

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No doubt a favorite late-night establishment for those who want pizza of a relatively normal size, is a great way to end your night. While a salad may not be exactly what you’re craving at 2 a.m., Slices has plenty of satisfying healthier pizza options. 

Stick with a simple slice of cheese, which most likely averages out at just about 300 calories per slice. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try the Mona Lisa or Veggie Pizza, both of which have plenty of vegetables for added nutritional value. 

Pizza Mart and Pizza Kingdom

While both of these restaurants serve slices that are, for lack of a better word, “supersized," there are some that reign healthier than others. At either restaurant, try getting a slice containing a healthy dose of vegetables, and laying off the fattening add-ons like bacon, salami, or heavy sauces.

Another great idea is to buy one slice and share it with a friend. While it may seem tempting to eat an entire slice by yourself (no shame, we’ve all done it), you’ll save calories, money, and potentially some regret the next day by splitting the slice. 

D.P. Dough

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Instead of heading straight for the calzones filled with three different meats or cheeses, try ordering a veggie calzone instead! While these bad boys still probably aren’t your healthiest late-night decision, they are definitely healthier than the ones with breaded chicken or tater tots loaded in them. 

Another great option is to create your own calzone. For just $8.50, you can pick four toppings to make the meal slightly healthier. Try ordering the grilled chicken for your meat, picking just one cheese (I know, it’s impossible) and then using the other two ingredients for vegetables. 

Insomnia Cookies

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If you’re craving something more on the sweet side, Insomnia Cookies definitely has options that won’t break your entire diet. Instead of ordering a huge cookiewich, try just getting a simple or , which only have 190 or 180 calories respectively. What a sweet way to end a night out! 


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Definitely the healthiest (and probably one of the cheapest) option of late-night College Park dining establishments, is open 24 hours and is positioned right next to both Cornerstone and Bentley’s, making it a convenient and delicious last stop before heading home. 

Make sure to take advantage of the whole wheat or honey oat bread, each of which has plenty of fiber to fill you up after a long night. In terms of meat, go for lean meat such as the turkey or grilled chicken breast. To finish it off, add plenty of veggies!