I went into my campus's Starbucks the other day to get a quick pick-me-up before class, and upon trying to figure out what to order, I was astonished at how many calories some of my favorite beverages actually have. Sometimes I want a delicious coffee, but I'm more willing to do it for 100 calories instead of 200 or more. I found these healthier Starbucks twists so that you don't have to.  So behold, with a bit of prior research, some ways to save calories (and maybe a little money, too) the next time you feel like you want to indulge.

Chai Latte

Everyone loves the Starbucks chai tea latte, it's a classic, but a caloric one. A grande made with 2% milk has 240 calories, which is just a bit more than I personally would like to consume on a drink.  If only there were a healthier Starbucks option :)

The Healthier Twist: Instead of getting this caloric drink, order a chai tea with the steam milk of your choice! You will likely cut the calories, fat, and sugar in half, or even more.

Iced Peppermint Mocha

I love iced peppermint mochas any time of the year, but what I don't like as much is all of the calories in it- just a grande without whip made with 2% milk comes in at 290 calories! I would rather eat a bunch of peppermint patties! If only there were a healthier Starbucks option :)

The Healthier Twist: Instead of getting the skinny version which is tons of fake sugar, opt for either an iced coffee (cold brew) or a few shots of espresso, and ask for one pump of peppermint and one pump of mocha. You won't even taste the difference between the real peppermint mocha and this healthier spinoff!

Coffee Frappuccino

There's nothing more delicious than a frappuccino, and the coffee one can provide the perfect caffeine boost to get you through an afternoon lull. But to be honest, at 240 calories in a grande made with whole milk, I start to wonder if my caffeine-addict/sweet tooth mind is really guiding me on the right track. If only there were a healthier Starbucks option :)

The Healthier Twist: Ask for two or three shots of espresso (or four or five if you really need it), with your choice of milk and your choice of flavoring (if you desire), blended. All it is is coffee, milk, and flavoring, which will surely save you calories. (My tip is to get it with coconut milk-the ~$0.35 difference between that and regular milk is very worth it).


I love refreshers, but what I didn't know is that for a grande, one has 140 calories! This beverage is primarily juice, so when you order one, you're basically just having an adultish-version of a CapriSun. Admittedly, I am guilty of this too; I love refreshers every once in a while or maybe a little more often than that. If only there were a healthier Starbucks option :)

The Healthier Twist:  Instead of a refresher, try subbing in a passion iced tea (maybe even with a splash of lemonade), with a pump of raspberry and a pump of classic syrup.  It'll give you the fruity satisfaction with maybe a little less of the added sugar and calories.

 We all prefer our coffee without the added calories and sugar, but still like the flavor and fun of special drinks.  I hope this saves you from your next caffeine crash, or even helps you discover a new favorite!