There’s just something about summer that pushes us to turn to sugar-filled drinks to quench our thirst. Often times, it’s a soda or smoothie that is packed with more than a day’s worth of sugar. So what are you supposed to do on that hot summer day when water simply won’t do? Here are some of my favorite and healthier alternatives to drink on those scorching hot days.

Iced Tea

Photo by Rebeka Alvarez-Hec

Iced tea is refreshing and provides energy with its caffeine content. At zero calories for unsweetened iced tea, it’s one of my favorites to drink when water just won’t do. Find the recipe here! I personally mix lemon as well as a small spoonful of Stevia or sweetener of choice. If you want a pre-made iced tea, give Diet Snapple lemon iced tea a try (5 calories per serving).

Vitamin Water Zero

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If you’re in need of a sports drink and don’t want something filled with too much sodium and sugars, grab Glaceau’s Vitamin Water. With an endless amount of flavors and their calorie free versions sweetened with Stevia I prefer it over Powerade, which uses sucralose. My personal favorites are the Power C (dragonfruit) and the Essential (orange). And just a heads up: watch out for the high calorie content in the regular Vitamin Water flavors.

Fruit-Infused Water


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Probably the most economic option out of this list, you simply need to leave slices or small pieces of your favorite fruit in water for an extended amount of time (you’re also gonna want to mildly mash up the fruit in the bottom of the glass) so that the water takes on the flavor of the fruit. My favorite is water infused with orange slices that I place in the water for several hours after I squeeze some of the juice in. If not, try making some fruit-infused ice or adding seltzer to your water!

Coconut Water

Photo by Gabby Phi

If you want a slightly sweet and refreshing drink, while still maintaining a healthier lifestyle, coconut water is a great choice. I just recently discovered coconut water and I am hooked. It’s not cheap so it’s not something you’d be drinking every day, but make sure to watch out for sales at your local grocery stores. Personally, I prefer Zico’s plain coconut water. Definitely give these coconut water brands a try if you want a sweet refreshing drink that hydrates. They also have different flavors.