If you've ever tasted Nutella, you understand the hype and why Nutella has taken over everywhere. There are Nutella-themed cafés all over the world, and enough of the product is created each year to weigh as much as the Empire State Building. So while it makes sense that other brands might try to capitalize on this hazelnut-chocolate craziness, no one has successfully recreated the magical spread. But that's not stopping M&M's from trying with their new "Hazelnut Spread" flavor.

Yes, fake-Nutella M&M's are happening.

Last week, M&M's announced that it will be launching Hazelnut Spread Chocolate Candies, a new flavor of their star product. Though the line won't be launching until 2019, we're all waiting with baited breath. Considering that M&M's launched the hugely successful caramel flavor last year, I can only expect that the company is perfecting the hazelnut-chocolate flavor combinations as we speak. And though they aren't officially referencing Nutella (because copyright issues), the idea for a hazelnut spread filling definitely isn't something radically new.

The candy will feature a hazelnut-flavored center, covered in their signature milk chocolate candy coating, all packaged in an eye-catching teal bag. The candies will be available nationwide beginning in April, offered in Singles (1.35 oz.), Share Size (2.53 oz.) and Sharing Size Stand Up Pouch (8.3 oz.).

But wait, there's more...

But M&M's innovation doesn't stop there—the brand is also launching chocolate bars at the end of this year as a permanent addition to their product lineup. Starting December 2018, the milk chocolate bars will be available nationwide.  Each bar features miniature M&M's scattered throughout its milk chocolate base, with various other add-ins. There's the traditional milk chocolate option, of course, but M&M's is also offering peanut, rice crisp, almond, and crispy mint flavors. Each bar is about 4 ounces (pretty standard for a large, chunk-filled chocolate bar).

I'm a bit disappointed that there isn't a caramel flavor among these chocolate bars, or any dark chocolate options, but it makes sense that M&M's would start off with their most popular basics. And while I know I'll have to wait a few months before trying any of these new flavors, I'm already excited. And maybe I'll be able to convince my parents to ship me some Hazelnut Spread candies when I'm studying abroad next semester. Because really, portable Nutella bites are just about the most exciting candy there could ever be.