In light of his debut single "Sign of the Times," Harry Styles, prince of luscious locks and catchy tunes, caused an Internet uproar over a vegetable. Yes, Harry Styles loves Brussels sprouts.

While cohosting BBC's Radio 1 on Friday, April 7, Styles declared kale out, and Brussels sprouts in. Leave it to the boy-bander to flip the veggie-sphere upside down.

"I think sprouts is gonna be, like, the new kale,” Styles said.

But seriously, move over, kale. This boy-band heartthrob gone soloist may be on to something.

Social Media Reacts

Not surprisingly, Twitter users had quite a few things to say about the veggie prediction. Emotions ranged from outright offended to appreciation for both the veggie and Styles.

This Is How He Cooks Them

After Styles revealed his love for Brussels sprouts, Nick Grimshaw, host of The Radio 1 Breakfast Show, dug for details on air. Grimshaw proceeded to ask the singer how he likes to cook them.

"I have a couple different ways. I like putting them in a curry. I like kinda sautéing them," Styles said.

In addition to sautéing them in a curry, the singer adds red onion and garlic to the mix. And there you have it. Leave it to Harry Styles to shake up the vegetable world as we know it.

The Recipes Are Endless

Yes, kale will forever hold a spot inside my stomach. However, there are many health benefits to eating Brussels sprouts. These bad boys can lower cholesterol, improve bone health and even fight cancer.  Not to mention, there are endless recipes and methods you can use to prepare your sprouts. 

My advice? Head to your nearest grocery and treat yourself to a couple bags of these veggies. Harry Styles would approve.