Halo Top, the popular low-calorie, high-protein ice cream, is celebrating 5 years on the market. Can you believe it's been out that long? It seems like only yesterday, we discovered this sweet snack-y marvel. As a fun promotion and a way to celebrate their birthday, the company is turning Halo Top into their own version of "Willy Wonka's & the Chocolate Factory." No, not literally, but the idea is similar to the infamous golden tickets — it's the Golden Seal sweepstakes!

So, what are these Golden Seal sweepstakes all about?

As if we needed more of a reason to be obsessed with the now iconic ice cream, from June 1 - June 30, Halo Top customers will have the chance to live their own Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-esque dreams when they open their next eat-it-in-one-sitting pint.

Five pints will have golden seals under their caps and those who find these pints will win a whole array of prizes. Each of the five grand prizes includes a trip for two to Maui, $5,000 to spend at the grocery store where the winner bought their winning pint, and a chance to help Halo Top give back to their local Make-A-Wish chapter. 

What do I do if I don't win?

If you don't win, don't fret. Halo Top is giving non-winners the chance to enter an alternate contest for more chances to win with The Gold Side of Things sweepstakes. 

Just take a selfie with your non-winning seal, post it on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with #HaloTopGoldenSeal and you will be entered to win. Also, according to the fine print, make sure to follow Halo Top on the social channel you decide to post your selfie.

Five winners will be chosen each week during the promotion window (still June 1 - June 30) to receive a VIP package of all 17 flavors of Halo Top. At the end of the promotion, five more winners will be chosen to win a full year of free ice cream and a Halo Top-branded freezer. 

Nevertheless, if both of these contests fail you, you can always make the most of it by trying your hand at making your own flavors using this recipe.

Check out the full rules here, and if you don't already, start buying all the Halo Top you can get your hands on. It's the perfect summer treat!