Spook Season has finally returned and Falcons are preparing for the big weekend ahead. Below are the stages of Halloweekend at Bentley, as told by the cast of High School Musical. 

Coming Up With The Perfect Costume

The level of fabulous you feel when you find *that outfit* is like none other.

Trying On Your Costume and Having Second Doubts

When the costume you ordered online comes in and it is not what the picture looked like, it's time for a Sharpay Evans-level breakdown.

Hyping The Group Up Before You Head Out

There's nothing like feeding off the positive energy and excitement buzzing around your squad as you're all getting ready for the night.  

Dancing The Night Away In Your Fabulous Costume

With an outfit like yours, you'll spend the whole night bopping to the top!

Visiting Russo's Before The Night Ends

You can never have enough mozz sticks, am I right???

When One Friend Goes Too Hard The First Night And You Have to Convince Them to Rally for Night #2 

The night will not be the same with a squad member missing. Time to employ some A+ persuasion skills. 

When Your Jam Comes On At The Party 

When "that song" comes on, there is no chance of anyone stopping you from singing and dancing as if no one is watching. 

When You And The Squad Survive Halloweekend 

It takes a village to survive Bentley Halloweekend, so give yourself and your squad a pat on the back for a job well done.

Walking By The Discounted Halloween Candy At Target 

Let's be real: the best part of Halloweekend occurs after the holiday. When candy is discounted at 50% off, how can you resist? 

Happy Halloween from Spoon Bentley to you! We hope your weekend is filled with fun tricks, sweet treats, and spook-tacular fun.