Food trucks are great for so many reasons and are becoming more and more popular. They provide a unique convenient food experience offering an array of delicious cuisine, at a reasonable price, and of course are on the go.

Food trucks give you the opportunity of discovering and trying new food creations that you may just happen to walk by. On a beautiful sunny day, why would you want to sit and wait inside a stuffy restaurant when you could quickly grab a delicious snack or meal, and enjoy it while walking on the boardwalk, strolling through Point Pleasant, or wandering through the streets of Halifax?

Halifax is full of one of a kind food trucks, and is especially known for their awesome food truck parties. Here are five food trucks in Halifax that are worth tracking down and waiting in line for (no matter how long the line).

1. Ol School Donuts

Food Trucks

Photo by Alexandra Capello

Ol School Donuts will change the way you see old fashioned donuts. Ol School Donuts serves fresh gourmet donuts with creative flavours that will keep you coming back. From maple bacon to Reese’s Pieces (my personal favourite) to s’mores, there is something to please everyone.

Even if you aren’t feeling adventurous, the classic cinnamon sugar is still available and always delicious. You won’t regret using that $5 bill in your pocket to get 10 of their mini unforgettable delicacies. Sharing is optional but not recommended.

2. The Food Wolf

Food Trucks

Photo courtesy of @thefoodwolf on Instagram

The Food Wolf is known for their unexpected and creative fusions created from using the freshest local ingredients and inspired by Asian and Mexican flavours. If you’re feeling spontaneous and wanting to try something more exciting than your boring sandwich, The Food Wolf will not disappoint. They are known for their Korean seafood pancake, kimchi quesadilla, and their K-dog, pictured above, bursting with flavours and covered in bacon, spicy mayo, kimchi, and green onions.

3. Gecko Bus

Food Trucks

Photo courtesy of @bobdeutscher on Instagram

Gecko Bus is not your standard food truck. The retrofitted school bus looking like a giant gecko is hard to miss. The Gecko Bus is Habaneros Modern Taco Bar on wheels, serving mouth watering tacos, burritos, and burrito bowls with endless fresh toppings. Spotting the bus is easy, but deciding between their pulled pork carnitas or Bombay vegan lentil curry fillings is the tough part. So, next Taco Tuesday make sure to track down the Gecko Bus for a fun, fresh, and friendly experience.

4. Halifax Press

Food Trucks

Photo courtesy of @vince.tagram on Instagram

You will never go back to your lame Kraft singles grilled cheese after trying the Halifax Press. Their slogan “All the cheese that fit to grill” is no lie. The newspaper themed truck puts a creative twist on the classic grilled cheese sandwich, with constant new innovative creations, or the option for you to get creative with their DIY menu.

If you’re a meat lover you’ll love the “Smoke on the Harbour” made with smoked gouda, spicy chorizo meatloaf, and caramelized onions. Or to satisfy that sweet and salty craving, the “French Toast Crunch” is an egg, havarti, and smoked ham grilled between two slices of French toast with, of course, maple syrup on the side that will make you forget about McGriddles.  

5. Tin Pan Alley

Food Trucks

Photo courtesy of @mleighdobbin on Instagram

If you’re looking for a gourmet meal without the investment, or you’re in the mood for fries and want to feel classy, the Tin Pan Alley is your answer. They are famous for their unique spin on everyone’s favourite french fries. It all starts with their double-fried french fries making them extra crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, and with the endless options of delicious toppings. Greatest excuse to eat more fries. You’ll never be tempted by poutine again after trying their popular Cheese ‘n’ Quackers Frites; delicious frites topped with duck confit, aged cheddar, craisins and onions crisps.