We've all heard about the not-so-little ice cream company called Haagen Dazs. HD was founded in 1960 by Reuben Mattus and started out with only three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and coffee. Over the years, Haagen Dazs has released over 30 different ice cream flavors, a variety of sorbets, frozen yogurts, and ice cream bars. Even today Haagen Dazs continues to create new treats, only this time, the company has done something truly spectacular and is launching new Ice Cream Cookie Squares.

Ice Cream Cookie Squares

Their new creation combines three desserts into one decadent square. Not only does this new treat have ice cream and a thick cookie layer, it is also coated in a milk chocolate shell and a dark chocolate drizzle. The ice cream cookie squares come in two flavors, vanilla and dulce de leche.

How the Ice Cream Cookie Squares Taste

Since I couldn't decide between vanilla and dulce de leche, I bought both and thought I would share my thoughts on them.

Dulce de Leche

Natalia Klisch

I was surprised how well the different flavors and textures worked together. When I first bit into the chocolate shell, there was an explosion of vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche swirls throughout. You could even see the swirls when the square was cut in half. To my surprise, the cookie of the bottom of the ice cream was not rock hard, in fact, it was the exact opposite. The chocolate cookie was soft and super fluffy, which is hard to achieve for an ice cream square. I really enjoyed this new creation, but it was a bit too sweet for me and I think I that I would have enjoyed it more if the square was coated in dark bitter chocolate, but that's just me. 


Natalia Klisch

I liked the vanilla one a bit more because it did not have the extra sweetness that the dulce de leche square had. This square still had the same chocolate cookie but the chocolate shell was dark chocolate with a milk chocolate drizzle, giving it a bit of a bitter chocolate taste that worked perfectly with the vanilla flavor.

You can visit Haagen Dazs website to find the nearest spot to snag these New Ice Cream Cookie Squares. Try the vanilla or all three if you're up for it.