Well as if we all couldn’t love Häagen-Dazs any more, they’ve just come out with their HEAVEN collection featuring four super creamy light ice cream flavors. As the resident ice cream expert here at Spoon University HQ, I am here to tell you this new collection, is in fact, *chefs kiss*.

I was lucky enough to do a taste test of these flavors and I have to say, I’m shook at how rich and creamy they are while still having one-third fewer calories and twenty-five percent less sugar than regular ice cream. So let’s break it down by flavor.

First up, Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel. This was the front-runner for me instantly. It’s thick and rich but still super light. There are ribbons of sea salt caramel folded into the light chocolate ice cream—this one was truly made for chocolate lovers.

Next, we have Peanut Butter Chip. I’m not one for overly peanut butter flavored food so the fact that this flavor is light vanilla ice cream sprinkled with peanut butter chips was a major win in my book. It’s like your favorite vanilla ice cream had a one night stand with peanut butter and now you’re reaping the reward. Plus there’s chocolate chips mixed in. It literally does not get better than that.

Maddie Hiatt

Then, we have Strawberry Waffle Cone. The light strawberry ice cream is a berries and cream dream. The sweet strawberry pieces and crispy chocolate-dipped cone bits are mixed into a creamy vanilla base.'

Last, but definitely not least, is Cold Brew Espresso Chip. This is a coffee lovers dream with chocolate espresso chips hidden within the light coffee ice cream. The ice cream base stays true to the cold brew name being rich yet mellow so it’s easy to enjoy. And the espresso chips give a nice crunch in each spoonful.

So if you ~still~ need a reason to try these, you won’t find any artificial sweeteners or GMO ingredients which we love to see in 2020. Now comes the hard part: which flavor do you try first? Pro tip: if you like chocolate and peanut butter together I would *highly* recommend mixing the two flavors in the same bowl. The HEAVEN collection is available now at local retailers nationwide for $5.49.