This is a day that will forever live in memory...

Oh, Valentine's Day. A day that often lies in infamy for singles and men everywhere. The idea that men have gotta cough up the change in order to show appreciation for their significant other for one lousy day of the year is often lamented by my peers. Kind of odd that there's another day where you're expected to buy and do something nice for a person you deeply care about in your life. Isn't Christmas (or Hanukkah) and their birthday enough? I realize not everyone celebrates Christmas or Hanukkah, but still! Here's the guy perspective on Valentine's Day.

Bu-but my wallet!

I can barely afford to feed myself after the holiday season with all the buying of gifts and whatnot. Now I gotta pay for dinner and a movie? Ridiculous! I will not stand for this! I don't think I'm alone when I say that the idea of men having to fork over the cash for V-Day is outdated and a little messed up. What ever happened to falling in love with a dude with a bus pass.

Silver Linings 

Yet, maybe I'm just getting carried away with it all. Is Valentine's Day really all bad? The short answer is no. For those that agreed with me above, hold on and keep reading. Here's the crazy part to all of this, you can actually make your own dream Valentine's Day. Yeah, I said it. You and your partner don't feel like spending dough on dinner and a movie? Make dinner at home and watch something on Netflix. Just because there's one common thought on Valentine's Day doesn't mean you have to give in to something you don't agree with. There's also nothing wrong with doing the classy dinner date scenario. It's one I'm pretty fond of actually. 

Here's to you, Valentine's Day 

Lemme be clear, while Valentine's Day may be just a Hallmark holiday, you and your partner can really put your own spin on it. It's about doing something you love with the person you love and that's kind of beautiful. College and dating is a stressful game, there's no doubt about it. Sometimes a designated day set aside for appreciation, no matter how arbitrary, is kind of nice. Sometimes we all need to hit the pause button and set aside some time for those we care about, no matter our gender or the traditional roles that have been placed on us. The beauty about approaching Valentine's Day as a couple, is you can choose what you want to do. It should be a decision made by both parties. It's why, as a guy, Valentine's Day gets the pass from me.