It's hard traveling somewhere and trying to stick to a budget, especially when you're eating out a lot. And when you go to Disney, it's nearly impossible to eat a decent meal without going over $20. However, this is all about to change. Foodnetwork star and Mayor of Flavortown, Guy Fieri, has teamed up with restauranteur Robert Earl to bring the fans of Disney and chicken a fast casual restaurant, named none other than Chicken Guy! Yes, the exclamation point is part of the name.

Chicken Guy! will be serving a whole array of good eats that center around chicken tenders. It will be located in Disney Springs, a shopping and entertainment complex, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, next door to Planet Hollywood. The actual release date is still up in the air, but Chicken Guy! plans to open sometime in August. And as for pricing, originally, it was said that everything (or most menu items) would cost under $7, but Disney has since redacted their statement and is currently not sharing pricing info. So stay tuned. Now let's get to the good part — the food.

Chicken Tenders

First up, and you guessed it, chicken tenders. The main attraction of Chicken Guy! is their hand-pounded chicken tenders that are brined in lemon juice, pickle juice, and buttermilk. Customers will then be able to choose between grilled or breaded and deep-fried chicken tenders. Plus, each order is served with a choice of two house-made sauces (more on these in a bit). 

Big Bite B.L.A.T. 

It wouldn't be a Guy Fieri restaurant without an outrageously, huge creation, and this is where the Big Bite B.L.A.T. comes in. This massive sandwich is stuffed with grilled or breaded chicken tenders then topped with crispy bacon, iceberg lettuce, avocado, fresh tomatoes, and buttermilk ranch. 


In the mood for something a little lighter? Somewhat surprisingly, there are options. They will be serving three salad menu items that include the Chopped Chicken Caesar Salad, the BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad, and the Southwest Sweet Corn, which will be pilled high with charred corn, slaw, roasted peppers, black beans, tomatoes, red onions, scallions, even tortilla strips, and served with both cumin lime mojo and chipotle ranch sauces. You also get to choose between grilled or breaded chicken tenders. 


The sides at Chicken Guy! will include Chicken Guy! Fries seasoned with a signature spice blend, Fieri’s Mac Daddy Mac ’n’ Cheese, and Loaded Fries with Super Melty Cheese, or SMC as Guy would say.


"It’s all about the real deal, all-natural chicken, but lemme tell you, our sauce game is on point," Fieri said in a press release. 

There'll be over 20 different homemade varieties to choose from such as cumin line mojito, chipotle ranch, and buttermilk ranch. There is even a rumor that Chicken Guy! will have a designated 'sauce slinger' that will patrol the restaurant with a holster loaded with sauces. Let's just hope they'll have some of Guy Fieri's Donkey Sauce on hand. 

There's Even Dessert

If the chicken tenders and sides didn't already make text your group chat in excitement, Chicken Guy!'s dessert menu surely will. They'll be serving two delicious soft serve options: Triple Double Mint and Cinnamon Apple. The Triple Double Mint is mint flavored soft serve topped with cookie crumbles, chocolate mints, and whipped cream. The Cinnamon Apple, on the other hand, is a vanilla soft serve garnished with cinnamon cereal and cinnamon-apple cereal

Chicken. Fries. Sauce. Soft-serve. Yep, they nailed the menu. Hopefully, Chicken Guy! will establish more locations around the country, becoming the next top fast-causal restaurant in the US. For now, I'm just going to need to save up enough money for a plane ticket and head over to Disney to get my hands on these eats.