Forget wine and cheese pairings, these are the duos you have been waiting for and you don't even have to be 21 to enjoy.  Here are the greatest guilty pleasure movies with the best, most appropriate snacks, that will make you forget that 2,000 calorie bucket of popcorn ever existed in the first place. 

1. National Treasure & Apple Donuts

Who can resist the extreme decisions, tricky switcheroos, and crazy treasure hunts that Nicholas Cage goes on in this ICONIC movie about friendship, treasure, coins, and the Declaration of Independence?

In the first movie of the iconic National Treasure series, nothing is what it seems, and that absurdity is what makes it such a great guilty pleasure movie. Obviously, the snack pairing has to go along with that notion. If you take an apple, cut out the core, and slice it up it will look similar to a donut! Then, just smear peanut butter on it, drizzle some honey and you are good to go to memorize all the American Trivia in the movie (and then forget the next day). 

2. Crazy Rich Asians & Dang! Coconut Chips

Two CRAZY good things in my life right now are the movie "Crazy Rich Asians" and the Coconut Chips by Dang Foods. These chips are completely plant based and perfect for the Keto diet. These are a perfect pair, because all Dang products are inspired by Asian flavors and tradition but adapted to fit American taste - just like our favorite NYU professor, Rachel Chu. Being asian-american myself, I love when foods (and movies) blend together home and tradition, creating an all around nostalgic good time!

My favorite are the original Coconut chips -- they are seriously addictive -- but Dang products come in all sorts of flavors and shapes. 

3. To All the Boys I've Loved Before & Greek Yogurt Parfait

Imagine Peter Kavinsky driving across town to pick up yogurt - but this time it was GREEK yogurt and you were going to make festive fruit parfaits. Your welcome. 

My favorite way to enjoy parfaits are by layering them with granola, drizzling honey, and adding fresh fruit to give it color and an extra sweetness. Try this recipe for a fruit parfait that will impress even the most hard-to-get love interest. 

4. Hercules & Cloud Bread

bread, wheat, sweet, pastry
Stephanie Schoenster

Gonna shout it from the mountain tops! This movie is one of my favorite animated features of all time, featuring the perfect sing-a-long soundtrack. 

While you are cheering on our adorably awkward hero and practicing sassy snapping and clapping with the muses, try this super easy, 4 ingredient recipe for cloud bread that will seriously make you feel like you are on top of Mount Olympus. Out of this world!

5. Revenge of the Bridesmaids & Spaghetti Squash

This is my ALL TIME favorite guilty pleasure movie, paired with my favorite healthy meal. I love watching badass women take down their childhood tormentors by beating them at their own game. Plus Raven Symone is in it and I laugh out loud at all the joke she makes, even though I have seen the movie 30 times. In the movie, her character buries her troubles in some good, old fashioned spaghetti and you can do the same with this amazing new, healthy and low-carb spaghetti squash recipe.

My favorite thing about this movie, however, is witnessing the diversity in the body types of all the women and watching them completely own that fact in their style and narrative. There are an infinite ways a woman can look and all women should embrace their curves or lack there of!


6. Twilight & anything that will make you forget the last 2 and a half hours

Dylan Barth

If you really feel the bug to have something super ooey-gooey chocolaty or a huge tub of popcorn with melted butter, the least you could do is also watch one of the worst movies of all time along with it. And, if you're over 21, there is also a different guilty pleasure that you could drink that would numb your brain enough to forget Kristen Stewart's acting altogether. 

Because guilty pleasure movies and guilty pleasure snacks at the same time technically cancel each other out...right?