Guava, oh guava. Whether or not you've had this tasty super fruit, it will easily become one of your new favorites. Guava tastes like something of a mix between strawberries and pears, being mostly sweet with a little bit of sour. And on top of the delicious flavor, they are incredibly nutritious. Here are the top guava benefits.

1. Overall Immunity Booster

Oranges are the best way to get vitamin C, right? Wrong. Guavas contain more than 4 times the amount of vitamin C that an orange has, giving you that health kick you really need. 

The more vitamin C in your body, the bigger boost of antioxidants you'll get. Basically, the high vitamin C content in guavas prevents scurvy, lowers hypertention, relieves the common cold, and can even lower a risk of cancer. 

2. Stress Reliever

Thanks to vitamin C, which produces norepinephrine, a critical neurotransmitter, you'll be getting an incredible boost in your mood.  But, it doesn't stop there. The high magnesium content helps to relax muscles and nerves, and therefore calming your stress. Take one bite, and you'll already be feeling less stressed!

3. Essential Part of Weight Stabilization

Looking to lose weight without compromising your health? Guavas are the answer! They are incredibly high in vitamins, proteins, and minerals, without the high content of carbohydrates and zero cholestrol. Meaning that you're getting nutritional value, as well as a filling snack. 

Unlike most other fruits, guavas have a fairly low sugar content. So, instead of crashing an hour after eating guava, you'll still have the energy needed to get through the day.

Perhaps you'd like to gain weight? Guavas work for that too, due to the high nutritional value. Add a guava or two to your daily intake, and you'll be noticing the difference in no time.

4. New Skin Care Routine

Again, thanks to this vitamin riched fruit, your skin will be looking better than ever. With these antioxidants come anti-ageing properties, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, clearer complexion, and improved texture.

Who knew that guava had that many benefits? Make sure to add guavas to your grocery list, and enjoy the delicious and nutritious super fruit.