Whether you have mastered the do’s and don’ts of your significant other’s diet or you’re brand new to the game, dating someone with different dietary preferences than your own can make date night tricky. If your romantic partner is a vegan, try out this Valentine’s Day dinner for two to satisfy both of your appetites.

The Appetizer


Photo by Yair Sakols

Start simple and light to get things going. You could always serve something like an easy salad or a classic soup, but on such a special day your loved one wants something exceptional. A great go-to vegan appetizer is bruschetta (without the cheese). Skip the garlic and your vegan Valentine will be kissing you all night long.

The Main Course


Photo by Keni Lin

The key to a successful vegan main course is including vegetables, carbohydrates and protein. To impress your vegan Valentine, make protein the star of the show without sacrificing the flavor. Take a simple baked tofu and add a flavorful marinade to kick it up a notch. If you don’t love tofu, check out these great recipes for vegan pasta dishes made with cashew cheese.

The Dessert


Photo courtesy of youpinspireme.ca

A fun end to your romantic dinner for two is a DIY treat for you to make together: chocolate covered strawberries. For a heart-shaped sweet, try slicing the strawberries in half and joining the two halves with a toothpick before dunking the fruit in melted chocolate. You and your vegan lover can make the dessert more interactive by serving up the strawberries fondue style.

Cue romantic music and set the mood lighting, your vegan Valentine’s Day menu is ready to go. The best part? All these dishes require minimal preparation, leaving plenty of time for post-dessert activities.

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