When the dining halls are closed, you’ve eaten your last half-stale Nature Valley bar and your fridge is empty and smells weird, GrubHub nuzzles its special place into your heart. It’s the only thing that can quell your growling stomach and give you with a whole new world of food options, even if it does take you an extra 30 minutes to decide what you want to eat.

So when we sit in front of our glowing screen and place that glorious order, what are we ordering? GrubHub dug through its massive amounts of data to prove that, like you thought, college kids just aren’t like everyone else. Compared to the rest of the population, here’s how we stack up:

2014-08-19 11.47.42 am
2014-08-19 11.47.59 am
2014-08-19 11.48.14 am

We order more food late at night (#college), which is probably why we prefer energy drinks and don’t order early in the morning. It’s likely because drunchies are the best and why we tend to not ask for healthy substitutions (the Freshman 15 unfortunately exists for a reason).

Interestingly, we are 18% less likely to order desserts and 26% less likely to order spicy dishes but we sure love our meat. We also tend to tip 7% lower, but that’s just the broke college student saving money. Don’t worry – we’ll pay it back when we’re making big bucks. The last fact? We’re 18% less common to say “Please” and “Thank you.” Mom would not be happy.

Mmm... General Tso's Chicken

Photo courtesy of jeffreyw on Flickr

Aside from these tidbits, we sure love our American Chinese food. Of the dishes college students are more likely to order, chicken with broccoli, General Tso’s chicken, dumplings, sweet and sour chicken and wonton soup were all in the top eleven. But cookies always win – we’re a whopping 179% more likely to order cookies compared to everyone else. Nothing can beat a good cookie.


Photo by Sharon Cho of Dartmouth Spoon

Thanks to GrubHub, the food world is our oyster and we love having the power to order whatever the hell we want. Just when you order something on GrubHub, remember to say your “Please” and “Thank you.” Let’s change that stat for next year.