Studying doesn't always have to be a buzzkill. Spoon UIUC is here to hook you up with the best study session of your life. On October 24th from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., Studyhub, a chill alternative study space sponsored by Spoon University and Grubhub, will take place. 

coffee, beer, tea, espresso
Spoon University

Come on by to the Espresso Royale located on Oregon Street in Urbana for some delicious food, drinks and of course, studying. Thanks to the food delivery service Grubhub, Espresso Royale's delicious coffees and teas will be offered for the low price of $0.

Free, tasty study snacks will also be provided from fan favorites:  WinginOut, Joe's Brewery, Jimmy John's,  Insomnia Cookies   and Cream & Flutter, of which many can be ordered through Grubhub and delivered straight to your door.  

Want to know the best part of it all? It's free. No scams here, people. Spoon UIUC and Grubhub want you to have the best midterm season yet and we know what college students want. 

Fun activities will be available if you are in need of a crucial study break. A photo booth will be set up, which is a great way to document the emotional roller coaster that takes place when studying for a major exam. There will also be a food themed adult coloring board that will get those creative juices flowing. 

If you aren't in the mood for fun and games when studying, don't worry, we got you covered. Massage professionals will be on deck ready to rub the stress right out of you.

Don't stress if you cannot make it. Instead, create your own Studyhub. Cozy up in your room and order food from the top ten favorite Grubhub restaurants at UIUC: D.P. Dough, Rosati's Pizza, Cactus Grill, Burrito King, Jurassic Grill, Manolo' Pizza & Empanadas, Siam Terrace, Jet's Pizza and Vinny's East Coast Pizzeria. With these options, you are bound to have just as great of a night. 

See you at Studyhub—you'll find me getting a massage while simultaneously eating some chicken wings before cranking out a 10 page paper.