What ever happened to candy corn and mini M&M packs? Halloween parties are getting weird, and by weird I mean gross. If you happen to be planning a spooky bash of your own, make sure to leave these 10 gross Halloween snacks off of the menu. 

1. Bloody Hot Dog Fingers

As much as I love a classic hot dog, one made to look like someone's severed finger just doesn't cut it for me.

2. Secondhand Swabs

Call me crazy, but ear wax is not exactly what I want to be thinking about when I bite into a marshmallow dipped in caramel. Ew. 

3. Dumpling Brains 

From here on out, every time I order dumplings from my favorite Chinese restaurant, I'm going to think of eating a brain. Thank you, Halloween. 

4. The Puking Pumpkin 

It looks like this jack-o-lantern had a little bit too much to drink. No matter how delicious guac is, I don't think I'll get over the fact that a pumpkin is vomiting it out. This is some guac I'll never be paying extra for. 

5. Monster Hand Meatloaf

A meat hand? Yeah, I'll take a hard pass. I don't know about you, but I can confidently say I've never looked at a bloody piece of meat, formed into a hand and thought, "yum."

6. Crawly Roach Dates

Dates are usually a healthy treat, but to look at them as roaches makes me cry a little inside. Mmm, gotta love the crunch of insect brains.

7. Kitty Litter Cake

The smell of kitty litter is gag-worthy, but what's even more gag-worthy is the idea of eating a cake modeled after it. Keep yourself (and your cats) away from this "dessert."

8. Jell-O Worms

As if Jell-O wasn't slimy enough to begin with, putting it in worm form makes me cringe. Slimy Jell-O, slimy worms—too much slime for my liking. 

9. Bloody Punch

Not sure what freaks me out more, the thought of drinking blood-inspired punch or the ice cube hand low-key floating in the bowl. Either way, if you wanna keep your friends, steer clear of this punch. 

10. Bloody Hand-Burger 

This entrée gives the term "medium rare" a whole new meaning. I'm going to have to say I prefer my hamburgers in patty form.

Just because Halloween is scary doesn't mean the food has to be too. So take my advice, veer away from these 10 major eyesore snacks. There are plenty of other creepy treats for your guests to snack on that won't have their stomaches turning the whole night.