School has already started, and that means two things:

1. You’re reuniting with all of your friends!
2. It’s time to go grocery shopping.

Now that your mom no longer cooks for you, you have to stock up on cereal, eggs, milk and basically everything—you’re on your own. We at Spoon know the pain you experience as you watch the last bit of your milk run out.

Grocery shopping is an ordeal: scrutinizing nutrition labels and lining up at the check-out station can be very time consuming, not to mention boring. The best way to alleviate the boredom is to pull movie references from your memory as you shop. So, here are a few films that will make you smile while you try to locate the cookies at Safeway.

1. Cashback

Cashback is one of my favorite movies. Ben has a broken heart and insomnia after breaking up with his first girlfriend. To kill time and earn some extra cash, he decides to work the late-night shift at a supermarket. He’s an ordinary college student like we are, and heck, everyone can relate to a painful heartbreak. His observations and imagination stemming from the supermarket can surely switch on your philosophical side. Maybe next time when you drop a pack of frozen peas, you will stop and admire its beauty like Ben does, instead of freaking out.

2. Supermarket Girl

Supermarket Girl, directed by BAFTA award winning screenwriter Matt Greenhalgh, is a short film about two very awkward people falling in love in Tesco. Both haunted by past relationships and loneliness, they find love and someone worth going on an adventure with. My favorite line? “Ice cream…ice cream. That’s what we need.”

3. Hot Fuzz

A London cop gets demoted to a small village—it’s funny and chaotic. Much of the movie revolves around a supermarket, so don’t you dare miss the supermarket fight scene.

P.S. Martin Freeman (aka Dr. Watson in Sherlock) appears in the film, too!

When you’re done with these films, I suggest you go grocery shopping tomorrow immediately. You don’t want to eat dry cereal for dinner, right?

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