In the last few weeks, the internet has gone wild over DJ Khaled’s Snapchat stories (@djkhaled305 if you’re out of the loop). In recent weeks, DJ Khaled has proven that he is more than just another rapper but a rapper and part-time motivational speaker and clothing mogul.

DJ Khaled teaches his followers about following the path of more success, whether it be eating breakfast or exercising. Khaled says that one of the major keys to more success is celebrating your success (because they don’t want you to celebrate). He advocates to celebrate your success the right way – by enjoying some green apple flavored Ciroc.

Photo courtesy of Snapchat

Follow DJ Khaled on the path to more success by trying one of these apple-inspired cocktails:

#SpoonTip: If you’re not into drinking, you can easily create this yummy drinks without alcohol.

Cinnamon Cran-Apple Cocktail

Photo by Parker Luthman

All your friends are going to envy your success when they see you with this delicious cocktail.

Green Apple-tini

Photo byLexi Godfrey

Simply put, martinis are a major key. Make yours like this.

Apple Gin and Tonic

Photo by Jamie Gebhardt

Gin and tonic is a classic, but upgrading it with apple will only make it better.

Apple Cider Mimosas

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They don’t want you to eat breakfast… So what better way to celebrate success than by enjoying a nice mimosa with your DJ Khaled-inspired breakfast.

Apple-Spiced Stoli Mule

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Serve this cocktail in a copper mug if you really wanna be authentic.

Remember to celebrate success responsibly and always hydrate. Water is a major key.

Photo courtesy of Snapchat