No need to leave your dorm room: Tasty Bite is here.

We’ve all been there. It’s 7 pm on a Wednesday. You have no money from last weekend and are too tired to think about making or finding food, but for some reason, you’re craving delicious Indian cuisine (this isn’t just me, right)? Well, maybe not exactly Indian fare, but the mindless mid-week feeling is definitely normal for college students. Meet Tasty Bite products. Microwaveable meals from a company with amazing values we can all get behind. They have a strong sustainability mission, they use  whole food ingredients and they explain exactly what goes into every meal on their website. Their products are all vegetarian or vegan, and most of the Indian dishes are gluten-free and kosher.

Cut the bag, microwave for a minute and eat delicious dinner; it seems too good to be true. But trust me, it’s true. I’ve enjoyed a number of their Indian dishes, but my favorites are the Madras Lentils (vegetarian) and the Channa Masala. They sell Tasty Bite products in bulk at Costco and also at Whole Foods stores. There are also Asian noodle and rice options. This is truly microwaveable food you don’t have to feel sketched out about eating.

My recommendation: go and pick some up right now. Get these simple, quick meals for the times when you’re not up to leave your room or think about a complicated meal to whip up. AND check out their website for background on their story and creative meal ideas using their products.