I know we all do not want to revisit the horrors of finals week last fall semester, but now that we’ve all recovered and have a fresh new semester ahead of us, but let’s take a quick recap on how Spoon University at USC and Nourish Snacks helped USC students survive the dreadful week.

Spoon University at USC partnered with Nourish Snacks to hand out free healthy snacks to USC students during finals week. Members of Spoon at USC handed out these delicious study snacks to make sure USC students were fueled and ready to kick some serious butt during finals week. Nourish snacks included unique flavors like BBQ-roasted chickpeas, edamame with roasted corn, cinnamon spiced apples and almonds, and dark chocolate oat clusters just to name a few. Spoon at USC passed out snacks in front of Leavey Library as well as around the Campus Center in the evening time to make sure students were staying energized and healthy. Needless to say, students were impressed by a healthy option to snack while studying.