DISCLAIMER: This article was written by GoNanas Brand Ambassador Madeline Pachla

So in case you didn’t notice, we’re all stuck in quarantine. This means no gyms, restaurants, or basically anything, so we have to improvise to keep from freaking out. This is our time to bring out our inner Rachel Ray and chef it up or get off the couch and go for a run. We have the time, but the motivation aspect is the challenge. It’s so easy to sleep until noon everyday and eat Fruity Pebbles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That life can be AMAZING, but we should all try and be productive for at least, I don’t know, half the time. Whether you want to learn a new language, write a book or do something more reasonable and fun, there are endless options. Here are three tips to jump start your quarantine self-renovation!

1. Cook, Bake, Get Nutritious!

I’ve been trying new recipes for the past three weeks and I can confidently say that 50% of them were successful. Not to sound like a motivational speaker, but the failures have helped me learn so much more than the successes. I understand mixtures and measurements way more than ever, which is definitely going to come in handy when I’m back at school and ballin’ on a budget. One of the easiest ways for you to find recipes is on Instagram. Find an Insta foodie, whether they’re plant-based, dessert obsessed, or a comfort food junkie- the options are endless. Some of my favs have been chocolate/nut butter oatmeal (insanely good), roasted veggies (salt bae style), mint chocolate chip nice cream and of course, the official food of quarantine, BANANA BREAD. Seriously, there are a million banana bread recipes. The best one though, and I mean the best by far, is using the GoNanas Banana Bread Mix. GoNanas, a local Michigan gluten-free and vegan banana bread company came out with a mix of their insane breads so you can enjoy them at home. Just add bananas, oil, (non-dairy) milk, and honey/maple syrup, and you’re ready to live like your best quarantine self. 

2. Get Active

fitness, Sneakers, running, Tennis shoes, Yoga, water bottle
Jocelyn Hsu

We have so much time on our hands, so why not be as active as possible? Run, bike, swim, walk, literally do anything to get outside and enjoy the sunshine (if it’s there). Now how do we get the motivation to get out of bed and do this? Maybe you set a goal to do a quick exercise after every episode you watch of The Office or every time you see a tweet complaining about quarantine. If you're fine with a brisk walk around the neighborhood then that’s perfect, but if you’re down to put in some work and get in shape, this is the perfect time. So many gyms have virtual classes that will kick your butt, including boxing, yoga, pilates, etc. There are also tons of Instagram fitness gurus who will give you a variety of at-home workouts. My favorite cardio/calorie burning workout is kickboxing. There are millions of Youtube videos that will turn you into a fighter in no time. If you have little to no equipment (like me), then get creative and push yourself to get a killer bodyweight workout in. It’s doable, I promise!

3. Journal

You’re alone in your house, so no one can call you basic for keeping a cute little journal. If you want to write down your feelings or draw a picture of a puppy then be a queen/king and do it. What has helped me the most is tracking and planning everything from homework, workouts, meals, etc. Keeping a workout log motivates me to grind out leg day because if I’m feeling lazy, I’ll have to write down that I skipped a day for no good reason. I mean seriously, it’s not like I had plans come up that got in the way of my workout routine. Holding yourself accountable is the most important thing when it comes to staying productive. Personally, my priorities (other than my BS economics homework) are to control my diet and workout, so I created cute logs to track it. If your goal is to stay on top of schoolwork, then write out a schedule for the day to keep you accountable. Write in cursive or bubble letters and use different colors to distract yourself from all the work you have to do. You’ll feel as organized as a VSCO girl in no time.

I hope these tips will help you stay motivated during your quarantine. In the meantime, my timer just went off and I have to go grab my GoNanas Banana Bread out of the oven. Stay happy and healthy!