Meal delivery services are all the rage. They boast delicious, healthy meals that you can easily throw together on weeknights. I’ve tried several different services, and while they churn out great meals, I almost always spend around 40 minutes prepping, cooking, and cleaning, which can be hard to commit to on a week night. In comes Gobble, the meal delivery service designed to have dinner on the table in 15 minutes. Gobble chefs do all the prep work like peeling and chopping so that cooking a homemade meal is efficient and easy.

Each week you can choose your meals from the diverse menu which includes gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, and low-carb options. If you don’t have time to choose, Gobble will automatically create a menu plan for you based on your taste preferences. Gobble believes in the motto of “You are what you eat”, which shows in its fresh produce, hormone-free proteins, and their signature sauces. Gobble is also great because you can skip delivery weeks if you are not home or know you will be eating out a lot one week.

The Meals

I was able to try 3 Gobble meals plus their chocolate chip cookies (surprise dessert bonus for the win). Each meal came with a recipe card that had an image of the meal, a brief description, a list of supplies to gather, a list of what was provided in the Gobble dinner kit, a fun fact, and instructions on how to cook the meal.

Louisiana Shrimp with White Cheddar Grits

I’m usually not a grits girl, and though I love shrimp, I would never buy it for myself. This drove me to try this dish, and let me tell you that I did not regret it. The Cajun shrimp were seasoned perfectly and provided a nice kick, the holy trinity vegetables (onions, bell peppers, and celery) complemented the shrimp, and the white cheddar grits were creamy and cheesy. Everything was easy to throw together and after a delicious meal I was left with little clean up.

Paneer & Cauliflower Tikka Masala

This meal was jaw-dropping good. The paneer cheese was firm and perfectly salty, the sauce was perfectly seasoned, and the cauliflower was crunchy and brought the whole meal together. The naan served with the meal was delicious on its own or dipped in the sauce. Like Gobble promises, this meal was easy and fast to put on the dinner table.

Butternut Squash Ravioli with Swiss Chard & Pecan Sage Butter

Though the butternut squash and brown butter sage sauce trend has been beaten to death, it’s been beaten to death because it’s so delicious. That’s why I wasn’t complaining about these delicious, mildly sweet ravioli that cooked to a perfect al dente. The swiss chard was a nice, mellow accent to the butternut squash, and I am a sucker for adding a bit of crunch and sweetness with the pecans and golden raisins. The meal was so easy to throw together, and I felt like I was eating at a 5 star Italian restaurant.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ever have a late night cookie craving, but don’t want to take the effort to whip up an entire batch of cookies? Gobble has you covered. Pop their pre-scooped balls of dough straight into the oven and you have fresh, warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookies in 10-12 minutes. I am a big fan of soft chocolate chip cookies and these babies hit all the right check marks. The cookies were just crisp on the outside, had a gooey center, and the chocolate chips were perfectly semisweet.


I spoke with Polly Moser, a member of the Marketing Team, about Gobble’s mission, inspiration and meals. Below is a summary of her responses.

Allison Walter: What makes Gobble different from other meal delivery services?

Polly Moser: We solve a problem that other meal kit companies don't. We are differentiated by our process of delivering completely prepped ingredients. The competition is trying to catch up with quicker meal options, but it's often just pasta and salads. We have real, fresh, and complex gourmet meals. Other meal prep companies deliver groceries and recipe cards. That can be overwhelming and become a chore to prepare. Our dinner kits really only take 15 minutes to prepare from start to finish, while most other companies' meals take close to an hour.

AW: How does the company work towards being sustainable? Is all the packaging recyclable?

PM: We have always chosen sustainable practices and natural ingredients whenever possible. We work with both local and national farms to only use the highest grades of produce and agriculture in our products (ex: Cage-free eggs, hormone and antibiotic free chicken, organic and transitional produce). In terms of packaging, there are lots of ways to reuse or recycle Gobble meal kit parts. These are the ways customers can dispose of and recycle the packaging materials: (1) The Gobble box can go into the cardboard recycling bin at home. (2) The gel ice packs are completely non-toxic (made from a natural polymer) and can be reused or cut open and poured safely into the trash. The outer plastic is also recyclable.

AW: Where do the chefs get recipe inspiration?

PM: Our chefs get inspiration from everything from traditional comfort foods to exotic international cuisines. Gobble chef Thomas Ricci focuses on finding fresh, diverse ingredients and creating inventive recipes every week. Chef Thomas actually travels to local markets and farms and personally picks out what ingredients he wants to use. Our goal is to create meals that are filling and delicious but varied enough to keep adults and kids alike interested.

AW: Is the company interested in expanding to breakfast or desserts?

PM: Right now, in addition to offering gourmet meal kit dinners, Gobble has both breakfast, lunch, and dessert options. Our breakfast subscription features a weekly Executive Chef's Bundle of breakfast dishes added to a regularly scheduled weekly delivery. Customers receive three quick & easy breakfast options for the week, plus one gourmet brunch dish. Some breakfast possibilities are quiches, oatmeal, and omelets. Excitingly, Gobble is branching into creating a new line of healthy, meal kit lunches. For lunch, each week we'll send customers 3 personalized lunch kits (makes 6 individual lunches!). The whole lunch box is designed to batch cook in under 60 minutes on Saturday or Sunday. You cook the box over the weekend, portion it into tupperware, and you will have lunches for the busy work week. We also offer sides and desserts for meals!

AW: Who does Gobble see as the face of their company? What is the typical Gobble customer?

PM: Today, Gobble's typical customers include busy, professional parents and over-committed, working couples. Many families and couples want fresh, home-cooked meals for dinner, but this is often impossible with a fast-paced, modern lifestyle. The convenience of Gobble's meal kits helps make healthy cooking an option for everyone, no matter how busy they may be.

Gobble is true to its mission statement by delivering delicious meals that can be cooked in 15 minutes. The meal options are diverse, fit different diets, and are easy to throw together. Gobble up, because Gobble has your back for easy, delightful meals for any time of the day.