Brace yourselves, Laurentians, for this weekend is the Outing Club’s First Ever Seventh Annual Titus Weekend. That’s a mouthful. Despite the miserable weather, we’ll all be having a ~wavy~ time both at Friday’s Quad Rail Jam and Saturday’s Titus Mountain Takeover. Over the course of this wild weekend, you’ll obviously need snacks on snacks on snacks to sustain your drunken selves. So, here is the list of fabulous snacks bound to keep you rallying all weekend long.

Vodka Gummies


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Start soaking these babies now! By the time Saturday morning rolls around and you’re loading onto the yellow school buses, this classic party concoction will be perfect consistency. They’ll also help keep your buzz on so you don’t have to rip shots on the back of the bus.



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The snack that smiles back is always a fan favorite. Easy to carry, easy to stuff in the pocket of your jacket or fanny pack, also fun to throw at people (but NOT THE BUS DRIVER). Have some class. Goldfish are pretty much interchangeable with any crackers or form of carbs (chips, bread, etc) but they’re also fun and everyone loves them.


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This is the tip from the Mom side of me. Drink water. No one likes the person who gets too drunk and throws up everywhere. Shot of vodka? Chase with water! (just kidding, that would be gross). Chase with items that won’t kill your vibe, but still hydrate. You won’t be as hungover by the time you get back to SLU, so it’ll keep you partying all day long!

String Cheese


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This might sound weird, but hear me out. Each string cheese is individually wrapped, so you can just keep them in your pockets. Also, since most of Titus will be spend outdoors, they’ll stay cold. Cheese is also awesome all the time, so no complaints there.

Granola Bars


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Another individually wrapped snack, granola bars are great for the school week and for the weekend (hooray versatility!). Granola bars are also great for fuel, and depending on what brand you buy, can be pretty filling.


Something Hot


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Hot chocolate is surprisingly good with certain alcohols (coffee or cinnamon liqueurs are my favorite). It’s important to stay warm if you’re outside for an extended period of time, especially up here in the North Country where the weather is extremely unpredictable. Grab a hot chocolate or coffee from the Pub to no only keep you warm, but to keep you caffeinated. You’ll need it.


So there you have it, SLUzers. Take my advice, follow this list, and you’re bound to have a great First Even Seventh Annual Titus weekend. Be safe. Bring the fun.