Like Gwen once said, this (Sun)day is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. That's right, Spooniverse, Ann Arbor's first gluten-free banana bread company is coming our way, and two Spoon sophomores are making it happen. Go Bananas starts serving their guilt-free banana bread on October 9th, and trust me, you're going to want a loaf (or four) of it.

The History

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Annie Slabotsky

Imagine this, a brisk fall evening, a hot mug of coffee, a date with Netflix, and a grumbling stomach. Are you going to ruin this moment with that processed Chips Ahoy! cookie? No, and lucky for you, Morgan Lerner and Annie Slabotsky have the solution. 

When Seemingly Contradictory Passions Unite

When the two Spoonies met, they bonded over their seemingly contradictory baking and health passions, but from these contradicting passions, Go Bananas was born. The gluten-free banana bread start-up brings something to Ann Arbor that the city has been seriously lacking: healthy dessert delivery.  
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Annie Slabotsky
Many wolverines don't have access to a kitchen, don't know how to turn on an oven, or simply don't have any time to whip up a tasty treat, and I'd argue that we all have a sweet tooth. Go Bananas was created with all of this in mind. They aim to grant students easy access to dope banana bread that satiates cravings, while still encouraging healthy living.

The Goods

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Annie Slabotsky

Annie and Morgan tried and tested a bunch of recipes to ensure they're only serving the best of the best. Delicious banana bread is the name of this game, but there are so many players involved in Go Bananas that it only put a cherry on top of this banana split (I'm sorry I had to).

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Annie Slabotsky

For starters, their naturally sweetened, nutrient-dense treat will not leave you sugar-crashing with a food baby. There are six varieties to choose from including chocolate chip, zucchini, Cinnabon, Nutella, Justin's PB Cup, and a rotating seasonal flavor. Pumpkin spice banana bread? Amen. 

How does it work?

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Annie Slabotsky

Go Bananas works via an online ordering system and will deliver to your door. No car? No motivation to walk to Ben & Jerry's? No problem. If banana bread isn't your thing, I'm really sorry for you, but don't fret - Go Bananas even has swag, so there's no excuse not to support these fellow Wolverines.  

The Launch

Annie Slabotsky

 I know, I'm being rude by making you salivate over Go Bananas when you can't even try it yet, but there's a bright side. The launch is just around the corner. On Sunday October 9th, you can make your way over to Espresso Royale on South University to pick up your pre-ordered loaves at the official launch. What's a better way to take a break from stressful studying than with a banana bread party? However, I can't guarantee there won't be any stress involved - I mean, how will you pick your first flavor? 

Waiting these next few days will be tough, but it will make your first bite of bread that much more heavenly. In the mean time, you should pre-order here. With a Spoon University backbone, Go Bananas is obviously rooted in an amazing food resource. Who better to buy a loaf of healthy, natural, gluten-free banana bread from than these two Spoonies?