Everybody knows that Virginia Tech has some pretty damn good food in their dining halls, which makes sense. Niche doesn’t rate just anybody #1 in Best Campus Food – you gotta work for that.

Despite VT’s inherent awesomeness, not every item on the menu is the healthiest for you, and figuring out what foods are healthy can sometimes be a challenge. These foods are for those of you who want to eat healthy, but don’t want to base your whole survival on salads and kale smoothies alone. All of these meals will have both your taste buds and your body thanking you later.

 Au Bon Pain: Chicken Wrap (~385 calories)

virginia tech

Photo by Bari Blanga

Chicken breast, sliced tomatoes, romaine and white cheddar wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla, topped with Dijon mustard. Feel free to add any other veggies, or substitute the Dijon mustard with a different dressing. Just remember that Dijon is fat free and only has 5 calories! Be sure to keep the whole wheat tortilla because the it contains complex carbs for long-lasting energy.

Bistro Firenze: Chicken & Pasta (~480 calories)

virginia tech

Photo by Madison Lanier

Serving of whole wheat penne pasta, with cut grilled chicken, topped with marinara sauce. This is a perfect pre-workout or post-workout meal because it is packed with carbohydrates and protein that your body needs for fuel and to recover.

J.P.’s Chop House: London Broil (~450 calories)

virginia tech

Photo by Madison Lanier

Sliced London Broil grilled to perfection, topped with a mushroom gravy, and grilled asparagus on the side. The steak will supply your body with a great source of protein, and you even get a serving of veggies from the asparagus.

Bruegger’s: Chicken Sandwich (~570 calories)

virginia tech

Photo by Abbie Ginis

Sliced chicken breast on a whole wheat bagel, topped with lettuce, american cheese, tomato, and Dijon mustard. This sandwich has a great source of complex carbs from the whole wheat bagel, as well as a great source of protein from the chicken.

Also, feel free to add a salad or a fruits and veggies as a side dish to any of these meals. You can never go wrong by eating more fruits and veggies, considering the average American does not eat the necessary amount of fruits and veggies. Virginia Tech may be many things, but average is certainly not one of them.

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