Living a gluten-free lifestyle sounds tough, especially during the holidays. Searching for a gluten-free restaurant and avoiding addicting holiday treats (Peanut Butter Blossoms, you have my heart) can be hard. Needless to say, it's a pretty tricky process to shop for that gluten-free friend. 

What does my gluten-free friend truly want this holiday season?

No worries, I've found several trendy gifts that'll delight any gluten-free friend or relative. Score some major (flourless) brownie points with the following no-gluten gift ideas. 

Gluten-Free Bread Loaf Pan

This pan is anything but ordinary, as it was designed specifically with gluten-free bread fanatics in mind. With a taller frame, it's perfect for no-gluten yeast loaves that tend to need more support.

Buy it now: King Arthur Flour, $16.95

Bread SRSLY. Gluten-Free Bread

If your gluten-free friend is anything like I am, my ideal Christmas morning would be running downstairs to find this tasty gluten-free, sourdough bread. If sweet onion bread isn't appealing to you, no worries - they have several other flavors.

Buy it now: Bread SRSLY. $31.00

Gluten-Free Living Magazine Subscription

To my surprise, there are several impressive gluten-free magazines out there. Gluten-Free Living offers a 1-year subscription for only $19. Treat your friend to the latest trends, articles and recipes in the gluten-free community.

Buy it now: Gluten-Free Living, $19

Pizza Stone

Nothing in this world is more important to me than a crispy, cheesy slice of pizza. By giving the gift of a pizza stone, you'll redefine pizza-making for your no-gluten guy or gal. Pizza stones help develop the crisp of the gluten-free pizza, making it a quick, easy meal that dazzles tastebuds.

Buy it now: Emile Henry, $45

Baby Got Gluten Free Buns V-Neck

This shirt takes Nicki Minaj's hit-song and puts a unique spin to it. Warning: "Anaconda" will get stuck in your head again (or was that only me?).

Buy it now: Human, $20

Gluten is my Bitch by April Peveteaux 

If your no-gluten friend already owns a copy of this delightful, hilarious book, no worries - author April Peveteaux has another book titled The Gluten-Free Cheat Sheet. Both books contain simple recipes, tips and more.

Buy it now: Amazon, roughly $14

Redbubble Coffee Mug

Redbubble is a hip company with lots of different products. If your friend happens to love coffee, buy them a mug from here. Not only are these mugs cute, but a lot of them refer to gluten-free living. 

Buy it now: Redbubble, $16

California Pizza Kitchen Gift Card 

California Pizza Kitchen is a gluten-free heaven for any gal or guy, as it's Gluten-Free Food Service Certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group. This group certifies restaurants and no-gluten products.

Buy it now: California Pizza Kitchen, price will vary

Crafted Gluten-Free Gift Basket

You can't go wrong with a gift basket of gluten-free goodies. Crafted Gluten Free offers full-sized items in their gift baskets. If you're feeling wild, buy your friend a subscription to receive monthly boxes of tasty treats.

Buy it now: Crafted Gluten Free, $59.95 for one month

Homemade Gluten-Exposure Recovery Kit

As the holidays are filled with gluten, gluten and more gluten, there's a chance your no-gluten friend will eat something contaminated with the ingredient. Be creative and make a kit filled with essentials to help them with any stomach pains. Price varies.

#SpoonTip: Add Epsom Salt Bath Beads, Charcoal/Fennel Tablets, Peppermint Oil or Tablets to the kit--as these items provide rapid pain-relief.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick Duo

BITE Beauty, sold at Sephora, is the perfect gift for that no-gluten, makeup-savvy gal in your life. The brand, which only makes lip products, is certified gluten-free. Snag their newest holiday lipstick in time for the festivity.

Buy it now: Sephora, $14

No Whey Chocolate Truffles

Let's not forget about those gluten-free chocolate lovers we all have in our lives. Nothing will put a smile on their face quite like realizing this entire box of chocolates lacks any gluten.

Buy it now: No Whey Chocolate, $31

I promise you, these potential presents will blow your gluten-free friend's mind this holiday season.