This holiday season, with just under ten ingredients and without breaking the bank, you can whip up a masterpiece that's far harder than it looks.  With the zest of a vanilla-lemon base and the spice of a gingersnap crust, this cheesecake is sure to win raving reviews and bring the holidays some flavor.

Gingersnap-Crusted New York Holiday Cheesecake

  • Prep Time:30 mins
  • Cook Time:1 hr
  • Total Time:1 hr 30 mins
  • Servings:8
  • Medium


  • Spring form pan
  • Gingersnap cookies
  • 1 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 4 packages 8 oz. cream cheese
  • 5 eggs
  • 1 lemon; 2 tablespoons juice plus zest
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 1 tablespoons vanilla
  • 1 cup sour cream optional
Gabriella Paul
  • Step 1

    Start creating the crust by blending gingersnap cookies into 2 cups of grated powder.

    Gabriella Paul
  • Step 2

    Mix in a stick (1/2 cup) of butter and a 1/4 cup of sugar to the blended gingersnaps.

    cake, milk
    Gabriella Paul
  • Step 3

    Wrap the spring form pan with heavy duty aluminum foil. Wet the pan with butter and press crust into the bottom of the pan. Even it out with the bottom of a glass cup. Bake at 325°F for 10 min.

    #SpoonTip: Wrap the bottom of the pan in heavy aluminum foil to prevent any leakage.

    Gabriella Paul
  • Step 4

    Beat all ingredients together, adding one at a time: cream cheese, eggs, 1 cup sugar, squeezed lemon juice (with the zest), flour, and vanilla.

    #SpoonTip: Make sure the cream cheese has softened to room temperature before blending.

    milk, egg, tea, coffee
    Gabriella Paul
  • Step 5

    Pour into the prepared crust, and bake at 325°F for 1 hour.

    cream, cheese
    Gabriella Paul
  • Step 6

    Topping (optional): Mix 1 cup sour cream, 2 tablespoons sugar, 1/2 tablespoon vanilla, 1/4 teaspoons lemon juice

    If desired, spread topping on baked pie. Bake 15 more minutes at 325°F, or until firm, and enjoy!