With the Gilmore Girls revival just about a month away, it's imperative to start planning what to eat during it. Food was one of the main topics throughout the show, so clearly you have to eat some of the classics while watching the revival. What better way to plan what you will eat during the revival than to choose your characters' favorite foods. 

1. Coffee: Lorelai  

Lorelai is the first half of the mother-daughter duo we all know and love. If you've ever seen Gilmore Girls, then you would know that Lorelai is not herself without her cup of coffee. Or maybe her five cups. 

2. Pizza: Rory

Like mother, like daughter. Rory gets all her eating habits from Lorelai. A staple food in the Gilmore house is pizza. It's at every movie marathon, so you'll clearly need some pizza for the Gilmore Girls revival. 

3. Burger: Luke

Luke spends most of his time scolding Lorelai on what she eats and pleading with Rory to not gain her mother's eating habits. If Luke had it his way, he'd be happy just eating his eggs. What would Stars Hollow be without Luke's Diner? After all, he does make the best burger Stars Hollow has to offer.

4. Wine: Emily

Red or white, it's your choice. But you should definitely drink some wine if you identify with Emily Gilmore. Wine was a necessity at Friday night dinners to cool over the family drama and also so Emily wouldn't kill her maid. Make sure that your choice of wine matches your food choice in order to not disappoint Emily. 

5. Scotch: Richard

What's a Friday night dinner without drinks first? It might not be Lorelai's gin martini, but scotch is a close second. Emily might be a widow in the revival, but make sure to toast Richard with a glass of scotch. 

6. Risotto: Sookie

Sookie is no doubt the best chef from Stars Hollow and she will gloat about how her risotto is the best dish she makes. Sookie can pretty much cook or bake anything you're craving, with one exception: She did not understand when her husband wanted to deep-fry a turkey for Thanksgiving.  

7. Vegetables: Jackson

Could it really be anything else? Jackson grew his own produce throughout the show, so you are clearly Jackson if you eat a lot of vegetables. 

8. Fries: Lane

Lane was always Rory's best friend and would need to sneak her food around Mrs. Kim so she wouldn't have tofu every meal. Fries are Lane's food because of her time working at Luke's Diner and sneaking fries to her bandmates and husband. 

9. Chinese Food: Paris

From boys to school to food, Rory definitely changed Paris's life for the better. Paris was not allowed many unhealthy things in her household, so eating with Rory was a change for her. 

10. Roast: Dean

Dean was easily the worst boyfriend that Rory had, eating salad when Lorelai and Rory would binge eat during movie marathons. Yuck. Dean's short-lived marriage with Lindsay may have been a disaster, but at least she made his favorite food for him: pot roast.

11. Deviled Eggs: Jess

Jess, somewhat similar to Luke, was a healthy eater or maybe he just didn't care. The one thing Jess really did care about on the show was his car. When Jess wasn't so nice to Rory, Lorelai had the one reasonable response: to egg his car.

12. Beer: Logan

Logan was clearly Rory's best boyfriend throughout the series, so fingers crossed they end up back together. His choice of drink was always scotch, but he also was a typical frat boy (sorry, I mean secret society boy), so beer also fits one of his go-to drinks.

Food was a main part of the show throughout the first seven seasons so unless Luke was finally successful in changing Lorelai and Rory's eating habits, it is going to stay just as important. These are just the snippets of what the characters eat, so make sure you have your Pop Tarts, Cheetos, pies, danishes and more to be properly prepared for the revival.