We all know how difficult it can be to shop for holiday gifts for parents. They already have everything they need and you can only give them so many ugly sweaters and photos of yourself. So, what’s a college kid to do when the holiday season rolls around?

Don’t worry, we have you covered. We’ve compiled a list of awesome food-inspired gifts to help you out this holiday season. Because what parent doesn’t like food?!

1. Monogrammed Mug


Photo courtesy of Kate Danielle for Creative House Shop on etsy.com

This gift is an inexpensive, yet cute way to please your parents. There are so many cute mugs available, just like this one from Anthropologie. If monogramming isn’t their thing, just get a mug with a cute or funny message on it instead.

Step up your gift-giving game and fill the mug with your parents’ favorite candies. Something simple as Hershey’s Kisses would work.

If the mug doesn’t win them over, the candy definitely will.

2. Seasonal Gift Baskets


Photo courtesy of harryanddavid.com

Nothing says, “I love you Mom and Dad!” more than a basket filled with delicious food. If you’re willing to shell out the big bucks you can buy Harry and David’s Holiday Cocktail Mixer Basket or their Ultimate Christmas Gift Basket, which is filled with delicious goodies that range from peppermint bark to cinnamon swirl bundt cakes.

If you’re like most college students and can’t afford gift baskets that cost over $100, you can always opt for a DIY gift basket. Just grab a small basket, fill it with candy and some of your parents’ favorite treats, and you are good to go.

3. Coffee and Tea


Photo courtesy of barniescoffeekitchen.com

Help start your mom or dad’s morning off right with a hot cup of coffee or tea! If you’re willing to pay a little more for your parents, you can treat them to a monthly coffee subscription or tea subscription.

If that’s not in your price range, holiday coffee samplers and tea samplers are always a great choice.

Whatever you choose, caffeine is always the best way to win over your parents’ hearts.

4. Beer of the Month Club Membership


Photo courtesy of monthlyclubs.ca

A new type of beer every month… Who wouldn’t want to receive this gift for the holidays?

While a subscription from Beer of the Month Club is normally pretty pricey, Groupon is currently selling 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month subscriptions for discounted prices. Different beers and a discount… How can you not buy this for your parents?

It’s the gift that keeps on giving with new craft beers every single month.

5. Food-Inspired Art


Photo courtesy of CharminglyPrinted on etsy.com

Shake up your gift-giving a bit and give your parents some food-inspired artwork.

Whether it is a funny food quote, something inspirational, or just a simple food illustration, your parents will appreciate the originality of your gift.

Plus it’ll give them a nice break from having to constantly look at photos of you around the house.

6. Deconstructed Cookies in a Jar


Photo courtesy of bettycrocker.com

This gift is incredibly easy to make. All you need is an empty mason jar, cookie ingredients, and some card-stock with a cute holiday message on it. After you arrange and layer the ingredients in the jar however you like, decorate the outside of the jar with some festive ribbon and your holiday message.

Your parents hate to bake or just don’t like cookies? No worries, change it to hot chocolate mix in a jar. Same simple steps, same cute result.

7. Gift Certificates


Photo courtesy of culinaryfool.com

This may seem like a cop out, but your parents will actually enjoy it. Get them a certificate to a fancy restaurant, a fun local restaurant, or even your neighborhood Applebees.

No matter what, just get something they can enjoy together. A date night revolving around food… What could be better?

8. Baked by Melissa


Photo by Jessica Kelly

If you’re feeling incredibly lazy, you can always order some delicious cupcakes online. These bite-sized treats come in 12 different, original flavors, such as Tie-Dye, Deconstructed Cookie Dough and Triple Chocolate Fudge.

If your parents have a major sweet tooth, you can even get chocolate-dipped cupcakes. Cupcakes + more chocolate = best holiday gift ever.

8. Cookbooks


Photo courtesy of Duff Goldman

While this may sound like a ridiculously boring gift, you’d be surprised by the amount of good cookbooks out there. They cover so many different topics, from baking to grilling and everything in between. If you want to be especially seasonal, you could even buy a holiday cookbook.

Plus, maybe your parents will make one of those recipes and let you try it.

9. Edible Arrangements


Photo courtesy of wheaton.edu

This gift is perfect for that parent who loves to be healthy, but likes to splurge with some occasional chocolate.

Prices of these decadent floral fruit arrangements range from around $40 to over $600. While $600 worth of fruit and chocolate would be lovely, I’m pretty sure your parents would be ecstatic to receive the $40 box of chocolate-covered strawberries, apples, bananas.

Not only are Edible Arrangements gorgeous, but they’re also delicious. Now that’s a win-win.

10. Peppermint Bark


Photo courtesy of atasteofkoko.com

I mean, who doesn’t like peppermint bark? It consists of chocolate, white chocolate, and peppermint (#yum). Hit up Williams-Sonoma, Harry and David, or Macy’s for some of their delicious bark.

If you’re feeling daring, make your own DIY peppermint bark. Not only will your parents love the tasty treat they just received, but they’ll also appreciate the time you put in to make it for them.

11. Homemade Holiday Cookies


Photo by Livia Greene

Not only is this gift option incredibly easy and extremely inexpensive, but there are also endless types of cookies you can make.

If you’re not into the whole making your own dough idea, you can always use pre-made dough. If you’re just really lazy, you can always order the cookies off the internet from companies, such as Cheryl’s and Blue Chip Cookies.

Their cookies are so good that your parents won’t even care that you were extremely lazy.