Getaway — camping’s sleek, modern cousin — allows busy college students to literally get away from their monotonous schedules. Venture out of your comfort zone, enter a world with no WiFi or cell service, and allow yourself time to create some hand-crafted dishes.

Hollis Coker

Getaway’s website allows users to book private tiny houses, offering participants the option to book either two and four person cabins. Each tiny house is located approximately two hours from the city where it was booked, and users receive the exact location of their house on the morning of their stay.

According to Getaway’s website, their offering of a technology-free retreat is meant to distance you from your everyday life. Getaway’s founder and CEO, Jon Staff, described the benefits that Getaway is offering to college students in a statement provided to Spoon University.

“This past year-plus, students across the country have become fatigued with Zoom school learning and being cooped up indoors,” Staff said. “Our cabins were designed to be a space for undistracted time that allows guests to slow down, put their phones and devices away and experience nature.”

Here are five reasons why every college student should try Getaway (after I’ve tried it myself):

1. Refine Your Camping Palette

Leave the hotdogs and basic smores of your past behind! Each Getaway cabin comes equipped with an indoor stove, mini fridge, fire pit, and plenty of cutlery, allowing you to create the camping dishes of your dreams!

Getaway’s fully equipped kitchen allowed me to make things like homemade pancakes topped with local peaches sourced from a farm near my cabin, roasted salmon, and even giant s’mores made with locally made rocky road fudge.

Hollis Coker

2. Stay at Locations Across the United States 

From Seattle to Chicago, no matter where your school is located, chances are that you are not far from a Getaway location. States that currently offer Getaway programs are Tennessee, Washington State, New York, Georgia, Texas, Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Washington D.C., California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Oregon.

3. Learn to Cook Over an Open Fire 

Prior to my Getaway experience I had never built a fire, let alone cooked over one! Getaway provides logs and fire starters to purchase if you forget to bring your own, and each cabin has its own private fire pit.

I recommend bringing your own cast iron pans and skewers to craft fire-roasted dishes right outside your cabin. Each fire pit’s adjustable grate makes cooking anything fairly simple.

Hollis Coker

4. Use Your Student Discount

Who doesn’t love a student discount? Getaway offers all college students 15% off of the total cost of their stay if they sign up with their student email.

“Students tend to pull all-nighters studying and are often stressed out,” Getaway’s website states. “It’s important to start building a balanced life early on.”

5. Escape from Technology

The most novel part of my Getaway experience was the lack of WiFi and cell phone service. Think about the last time you went without some sort of internet connection for longer than a few hours. Getaway offers participants an optional lockbox for your cell phone. Don’t worry, there is a landline available in each cabin in case of emergency.