As we move into the month of October, pumpkin spice is at its peak. Along with the release of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, (which has its own twitter account) we are beginning to see those pumpkin trends we wish didn’t exist…everything from Pumpkin Spice chewing gum to Pumpkin Pie Vodka–yikes.

Now, I’m just as big a fan of pumpkin spice as the next sweater weather, latte-lovin’ white girl. However, I feel it’s important that we give the many other flavors of fall some love and recognition. Here’s how you can embrace all the flavors of fall, Gainesville style.


Nothing screams “I love when leaves undergo chemical changes and wearing beanies in 75 degree weather” like the sweet scent of cinnamon. Cinnamon broomsticks may bring those fall vibes into your home, but allow this cinnamon latte from Volta Coffee in downtown to give your taste buds that warm and toasty sensation.

Cinnfully delicious. #Cinnamonlatte #latteart #volta

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We might as well consider maple the OG fall flavor because it has been around for ages and has always been the most underrated flavor of fall. Sweeten your life up a bit and indulge in this Maple Latte from CYM Coffee Co. Bonus—they have the most instagrammable latte art out there.

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Salted Caramel Mocha

Why decide between a caramel latte and a mocha latte when you can simply combine the two? While all your friends are in line ordering their PSL’s, consider the Salted Caramel Mocha. Not only is it just as delicious, but you also won’t feel basic for ordering it. Your barista might even thank you, as your drink order will be like a breath of fresh air.

Dressing like fall, celebrating like summer. #WinWin #IcedSaltedCaramelMocha

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The unmistakable savor of a warm chai latte is one that can undoubtedly help you immerse yourself into the excitement of fall. Get the best of all chai lattes at Pascal’s Coffeehouse, spiced to perfection.

Try pairing it with an almond coconut chocolate chip muffin (yes, something so perfect actually exists) and sitting at an upstairs window seat for the ultimate coffeehouse experience­­­.


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Definitely one of the more unsuspecting fall flavors, cardamom has a powerful taste, distinctive aroma, and is commonly used to spice up Middle Eastern cooking. You can mix it up by combining the flavors of summer and fall with this Orange Cardamom Donut at Karma Cream.

Pro Tip: keep up with their Instagram and Facebook posts to see when they will have it next.

Apple Spice

Allow this apple spice oat bar to take you back to your childhood days spent apple picking…or just dipping your grocery store apple slices in caramel. Either works. Venture out to Coffee Culture on 13th Street for a taste of this seasonal treat.


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