Here are 20 of Spoon UGA's food hot takes. Let us know how you feel about them and comment your own or make a post about your own Spoon chapter

Pineapple on pizza is good

I don’t even know if this counts as controversial anymore since so many people believe it. I still don’t plan on trying it, but to each its own

Sunny D and milk is a good combination

Another combination I do not plan on trying anytime soon, but maybe it takes like a dreamsicle

Moes has the best queso

Hummus is the best dipping sauce

Maybe for vegans but ranch and bbq would beg to differ

Grapes are terrible

This member finds them too juicy, but grapes are definitely in the top 5 fruits. The fact that they’re available year round makes them so much better

Cucumbers are bad

I think this is another somewhat popular one, but I will always love a good juicy fruit. Ranch and cucumbers are one of the best combos out there

Seltzer over soda

I don’t really see the point in carbonation without flavor, but I guess it’s refreshing without the sugar overload.

Popping boba over tapioca

This is correct. I don’t like to stop and chew in between my sips. The boba bursts are always so satisfying

Surcheros is the best burrito place

I absolutely love their steak and sauce, so I can definitely agree with this member. The guac is also included, so bonus points for that

Milk is good with any meal

As someone who can count the number of times they have had unflavored cow milk on one hand, I really don’t have anything to say about this. If this was changed to rice milk, I would agree

Honey mustard is the best condiment

I’m not a big mustard person, but I would say that this is another tame one.

Cottage cheese is a top 5 food period

I have never tried cottage cheese and never will, but I can tell that I don’t agree with this one. I would give leeway to a top 5 ingredient, but saying it’s a top 5 food is a little crazy

Milk chocolate is overrated

Milk chocolate being the best when dark and white chocolate are right there is crazy. There’s a reason that companies use white chocolate as a base when they add chocolate to something. Dark chocolate and fruit go so well together

Spicy snacks are bad and pointless

Just know I’m never talking about Takis when I say this. Most of the time the flavor is just hot which doesn’t sound fun for either end of the body.

 I don’t like water

I’ve made progress from never drinking it, but it will almost never be my drink of choice unless I just got back from working out. It’s basically tasteless and I don’t even find it as refreshing as some other drinks.

The only decent form of egg is scrambled

Let me correct this to scrambled with cheese. I’ve never tried any other form of egg, but they don’t look or smell appealing to me. I enjoy scrambled with cheese and egg fried rice, but that’s about it. I don’t think eggs should be liquidy unless they’re going into a baked good.

The best style of fries is shoestring

They’re good crispy or limpy. Argue with your mother

Honey dew is better than watermelon

I would never pit two baddies against each other. I love most fruits so no comment.

Fruit candy is better than chocolate candy

Most chocolate candy is milk chocolate and you already know how I feel about that. Fruit candy also has a better variety so I agree with this one.

Cupcakes are mid

I prefer cupcakes to a whole cake because I barely like cake to begin with and I don't normally eat more than one slice. But for some people you can never have too much of a good thing.