Professor Marvin Chun has been the master of Berkeley College since 2007, and during his tenure the college has become the food haven of New Haven, known best for its delicious dining hall and exclusive food events like the Junior Sushi Dinner and biannual Thunder Brunch. I know this especially well because I am a proud Berkeleyan–a serendipitous sorting-hat coincidence seeing as I admire food like other Yale students admire art or a great economic theory (maybe?). Master Chun is a kindred spirit of mine and all Spoon University fans in this respect, so we were curious if he could give us a taste (ha!) of his foodie knowledge to tide us over ’til school starts again (do I hear Thunder Brunch?) in August.

Here’s what the Chun says about everything food from pizza toppings to chocolate, lightning round style:

SPOON UNIVERSITY (SU): What is your favorite pizza topping?


Marvin Chun

Photo courtesy of Yorkside Pizza

SU: What is your favorite dessert?
MC: Korean apples or pears.
Marvin Chun

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SU: What is your favorite item on a sushi menu?
MC: Omakase.
(Editor’s note: o·ma·ka·se = (in a Japanese restaurant) a meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef)
Marvin Chun

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SU: What’s your go-to stress-eating food?
MC: Porterhouse steak and red wine.
Marvin Chun

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SU: Name three foods you couldn’t live without.
MC: Sushi, Asian noodle soups and farm fresh vegetables
Marvin Chun

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SU: Favorite food event on campus?
MC: Berkeley Thunder Brunch!
Marvin Chun

Photo by Sarah Strong

SU: Name three restaurants in New Haven that everyone should try and your favorite NH restaurants (if different).
MC: Pepe’s, Bar or Modern Pizza (I like all)
        Zinc or Union League (for a fancy meal)
        Ordinary, Crown 116 or Barcelona (for small bites and cocktails)
        But this is really hard because I have a favorite restaurant for most cuisines or moods…
SU: What are your favorite dining hall dishes?
MC: Kale salad, Berkeley Italian dinner pastas and Berkeley Thunder Brunch rib roast
SU: If you were the guest chef in the buttery what would you make?
MC: Ramen.
Marvin Chun

Photo courtesy of flickr/Christian Kadluba

SU: Cheese or chocolate? What’s your favorite type of whichever was the winner?
MC: Chocolate. Max Brenner chocolate.
Marvin Chun

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There you have it, the professorial verdict on all of your burning food questions.
Ready to eat like the Master?