The much-anticipated Passport to Paris drinking game is officially here. If you’re still nursing your hangover from Part I of the series, it’s time to fill your body with a pound of tater tots and a gallon of water and jump back on the Mary Kate and Ashley bandwagon. Pour yourself something really strong because this movie is even worse (and by worse I mean “more incredible”) than I remembered.

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Take a sip whenever…

  • The Eiffel Tower is shown
  • Someone speaks in a horrible French accent
  • MK and Ash wear one of those bandana headband things
  • MK and Ash wear a choker (so you will essentially just be constantly drinking the entire movie…)
  • MK and Ash wear complementary tinted sunglasses (so fetch)
  • Outdated tween lingo is used
  • French stereotypes are really played up (i.e. the cranky French chef carrying a bag full of baguettes)
  • MK and Ash dance like tiny strippers
  • MK and Ash act like super unappreciated American brats
  • You feel really bad for poor Jeremy (because, let’s face it, MK and Ash kind of suck in the entire first half of this movie)
  • A suave turtleneck is worn by anyone in the movie
  • MK and Ash talk about something that isn’t age-appropriate (i.e. giving Jeremy career advice)
  • Cowboy hats are worn
  • A dancing montage occurs
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Finish your drink…

  • Whenever you see the Wyclef Jean poster
  • Whenever your poor soul experiences the virtual Louvre tour
  • If you’re at least 20-years-old and still single (trust me, you’ll know exactly what this means when you reach this point in the movie)
  • When you realize that the Olsen twins are literally 12-years-old and somehow living a cooler life than you’ll ever live
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 You’re going to need something to sober you up after this. These recipes should do the trick: