As election time on Grounds is upon us, Spoon UVA took it upon ourselves to ask the really hard questions of potential Class Council candidates, including their favorite foods and Charlottesville restaurants. We’re not saying this should influence your vote at all, but some of these candidates are hardcore foodies.

Fourth Year Trustees

Samantha Westrum


Photo by Parker Matthews

Fourth Year Trustees President candidate, Samantha Westrum, lives for breakfast, the most important meal of the day. She shared that her specialty is French toast made with challah bread, extra vanilla and cinnamon. Can we get that delivered to our beds?  

Patrick Rice


Photo courtesy of Patrick Rice

Patrick Rice, also running for Trustees President, clued us into a valuable secret when revealing his favorite C’ville restaurant. Rice loves La Michoacana for the unlimited guacamole. We’re glad he’s getting the word out about this important deal.

Josh Leidy


Photo by Parker Matthews

Josh Leidy, Fourth Year Trustee VP candidate and Westrum’s running partner, claims to be able to live off of popcorn and sushi. He not only owns a stovetop popcorn popper, but also has an air popper he keeps in handy in case of a popcorn emergency. That’s dedication if we’ve ever seen it.

Third Year Council

Malcolm Stewart


Photo courtesy of Malcolm Stewart

Malcolm Stewart, candidate for Third Year Council President, possesses an expertise that few have mastered – the ability to perfectly cook a Toaster Strudel. “It takes a certain level of skill and expertise to put the pastry in the toaster,” Stewart claims. Hopefully he can teach us his secrets to a perfectly golden breakfast pastry.

Anna Ellis


Photo by Emma Feinman

Which Third Year Class President candidate has admitted to driving from Charlottesville to Richmond just for a Krispy Kreme donut? It’s Anna Ellis. She also raves about the hummus and pita from Parallel 38 in the Shops at Stonefield.

Second Year Council

Ahmad Shawal


Photo courtesy of Ahmad Shawal

Ahmad Shawwal is currently the First Year Council President and running for SYC President. His favorite restaurant in Charlottesville gives him a taste of home. Being from Pakistan, Ahmad finds the Afghan Kabob Palace a delicious place to get South Asian and Middle-Eastern dishes. He’s loyal.

Anant “Häagen” Das


Photo by Vivian Kim

Second Year Council candidate, Anant, has a taste for, you guessed it, Häagen Dazs products. He also loves cooking Jello with a twist – he suggests making it with freshly squeezed juices instead of water. We’re trying it and so should you.

Zane Homsi


Photo by Andrew Burrill

Zane Homsi is another first year running for Second Year Council President. His guilty pleasure is hummus and falafel. He also shared that his favorite C’ville spot is Roots, because “what’s better than pita chips, lime and vinaigrette?” Can’t argue with that.

Galen Green


Photo courtesy of Galen Green

Which candidate for SYC President loves to make cookies with her family? Galen Green. She told us that “Cooking is about so much more than the food you are making; to me, it is also about with whom you are doing it.” Bake away, girl.

Eddie Lin


Photo courtesy of Eddie Lin

Meet Eddie Lin, also running for Second Year Council President. His favorite restaurant in Charlottesville is Peter Chang’s China Grill. Why? For two very important reasons: he loves the authentic spicy Chinese food AND they deliver, a double whammy we can get behind.

Floyd Black


Photo courtesy of Floyd Black

Floyd Black is running for VP of SYC. While he admits that he’s no chef (he claims his favorite meal to make is cereal), he does have a great taste for food. Floyd stands by MAYA as one of the best restaurants in Charlottesville, and recommends the crab cakes.

Ronnie Kuriakose


Photo courtesy of Ronnie Kuriakose

Ronnie Kuriakose, also running for SYC VP, is big on burgers. One of his favorite foods is a double bacon “rodeo” burger, the kind that you can find with onion rings and barbecue sauce. His guilty pleasure is also a McDonald’s McDouble. Remove the pickles, add McSauce. But hey, no judgments, we’re loving it.

Student Council

Mackenzie Hodgson


Photo courtesy of Mackenzie Hodgson

Mackenzie Hodgson, running for Student Council VPO, has an eclectic mix of favorite foods. She likes strawberries or anything with strawberries in it, Pad Thai, steak and Ben & Jerry’s. So many options! After listing these, she exclaimed “Wow, I’m hungry.” So are we.

Now that you have new insight into these candidates, be sure to cast your vote  before February 25th. We’re excited for the bright future these foodies can bring to the table.