Who doesn’t love the ease and convenience of food delivery? Now more than ever it has been easy to find a new appreciation during the heat of the pandemic. Especially when some of your favorite spots are carryout only. What’s the sense of leaving your house to come right back to it within minutes? But when you really think about it, is it worth the $2-6 for delivery to be extra lazy? Now, the answer is hands down, YES because it’s FREE with Btownmenus! Until Next year! Get free unlimited delivery with Btownmenus for the rest of 2021. This is why we love btownmenus. Saving our wallets and the hanger from kicking in.  

Local Favorites

Not only do we love the free delivery promotion, but we also like to support local. We love using Btownmenus as our local food delivery service AND supporting our local Bloomington restaurants. Btownmenus offers a wide selection from 140 amazing restaurants. Whether you're in the mood for pizza or wings, Thai or Indian, or wanting something to satisfy your sweet tooth, they can deliver it all! They are able to kill your cravings.

Order Online or in the App

Btownmenus makes it super easy to order online or in the app! Even if you aren't completely sure on the food you are feeling, just check out their list of options to be inspired. Their website and app are nicely organized so that you can filter restaurant options by the type of food offered. This makes it easy to find the exact restaurant you're looking for, but also helps you find a craving you never knew you had. Just visit their website or app to see all the options available. Sign up to place an order. And boom, your fav food at your door within no time. 

How to Get the Deal!

Sign up through the link provided below to receive free unlimited delivery for the rest of the year! The deal is applicable from now until the first of 2021. But hurry, this deal only applies to the first 1000 people. Did we mention that it's unlimited? And free? Yes. So make sure you take advantage of this and don't hold back. 


When the late night cravings kick in, there is no longer a need to question whether or not you should order the cheesy bread or the cookies. We all know the delivery fee was maybe the only thing holding you back. Live life with no regrets, and just send it! Unlimited, free delivery gives you no reason not to order. 

Btownmenus will never let you go hungry. Whether it’s one of those “Netflix and chill” nights or a wild night with friends, they would love to make your night even better. You can eat the tastiest, fanciest food in your favorite pajamas snuggled up on the couch. Or throw a socially distant dinner party and enjoy your favorite restaurant in the comfort of your home. This might just be the best thing to happen in 2020. Thank you Btownmenus, for helping your Bloomington friends out. Don't forget to click this link to get free unlimited delivery with Btownmenus.