Tired of spending your lunch hour standing in line at either a mobile or stationary fast food joint? Enter Allset, a cool dining app that will help you save time and money. Allset is available on both iOS and android devices and makes getting a free lunch in New York City a new possibility. *Cue the angelic choirs.* 

The app saves you time by allowing you to order from restaurants ahead of time. Allset also offers you some dope discount promo codes such as by creating an account and sharing your unique link with your friends to "Save $10 and get $10." 

So, where's the free food you ask?

From now until March 20th, Allset is giving $20 for dining-in at Brooklyn restaurants featured in the app. All you have to do is use the code "BROOKLYN" which includes tax, tips, and the service fee—so you always know how much you're paying. In order to retrieve your food, all you have to do is show up to the restaurant and say "I'm with Allset."

Easy enough right?

There's just one more thing, if you're gonna use the "BROOKLYN" code, you have to submit a review of your entire experience to Allset within 24 hours. Fail to do so and you have to pay back the 20 beans. You also can't let the restaurant know that you'll be writing a review — really unleash your inner Jason Bourne for this. 


If the folks at Allset like your review, they'll reach out to you for your reviews #freelunch. If the idea of being a secret shopper makes your ninja senses tingle, then you my friend are ready to become a "secret shopper." Allset is the savior you've always known you needed but never knew existed. 

Cheers to getting fast and free lunch in New York City!