When it comes to ice cream, no one knows their stuff more than us college kids. Which is why we deserve the best, the very very best. We know the good from the bad and the ugly. We know what flavors are the best and where to get them. And most of all we know the best college ice creamery.

Or do we?

Let me tell you a little anecdote.

Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a college in the little town of Ithaca that was know for its ice cream. Its creamy texture and delectable flavor enticed students and families from all over the world to take a quick break and try some of the glory. However, one day the dairy bar was closed for renovations.

The fairest of them all was soon overshadowed by the stepsister, Penn State’s Creamery, and lost it’s reputation as the most beautiful, worthy creation. After three very very long years, she took her first steps into the world and was greeted with a second place ribbon. But with patience and fortitude, she is making her way back into the hearts (and stomachs) of many visitors.

The moral of the story?

The rivalry between the top two college ice creameries, Cornell’s Dairy Bar and Penn State’s Creamery, is more heated then ever.

As someone who has tried both of the delicious claim-to-fame ice cream flavors, I can give a completely unbiased, truthful comparison of the two.

Photo by Katherine Carroll

The Flavors

First and foremost, flavor. It’s the thing that instantaneously draws you in. What does the name say about the flavor? Does it catch your eye? Does it seem overwhelming?

The Creamery has a ton of super cool flavors to try from Chocolate Pretzel Crunch (hello best combination ever) to Keeney Beany Chocolate. The only issue is how overwhelming the number of flavors they have can be. If you check out their website, they make about 100 (say what?) flavors at their creamery, which means sometimes its hard to know what you’re in for.

On the other hand, Cornell has a much less varied list, but has some amazing flavors. From Cornelia’s Dark Secret (I mean what even is it? Doesn’t matter because it’s amazing) to Cookie Dough Remodeled. The Dairy Bar always has super reliable flavors that thrill your senses and spike your curiosity.

The Texture

Without a doubt, these two creameries have amazing texture. Penn State’s Creamery is a little bit more dense and stays on your tongue so you have more time to enjoy the flavor; whereas, Cornell has a more airy texture that melt on your tongue, which isn’t a very good description, but it’s like the tiramisu of ice cream. Super rich, light, and undeniably addicting.

The Eat-ability

Okay, this category is a tough one because it’s ice cream, and who doesn’t want to eat ice cream? And trust me, these are both stores that you want to keep returning too. But seriously, eat-ability should not be overlooked.

First, Penn State has this just amazingly classic taste that just keeps calling you back for more. It’s decently sweet and perfect in almost every way. Cornell, on the other hand, is a little bit more tricky. The sweetness factor varies from flavor to flavor. A lot of the time you can get a lot of delectability in a few bites, but other flavors have you wait it out. Like the Lemony-Raspberry Cheesecake is right in your face with sugar, but it’s perfect for a nice summer night; however, the Espresso Chip is perfectly sub-sweetened that is accented by little chocolate bits. No matter, you won’t go wrong. Not to mention, sharing is caring.

Photo by Lauren Kaplan

So now the moment of truth?

Based on three very crucial ice cream ratings, both Cornell’s Dairy Bar and Penn State’s The Creamery are fairly even in their results. But if I was stranded on a desert island with only one to choose? Cornell Dairy, without a doubt.

Go Big Red.