The thing that really confused me when I first came to IU is the infamous obsession with breadsticks. They're on every menu— you order them with pizza and they're excellent. I quickly fell in love with the breadstick obsession but I must say, even after four years, I love pretzels more.

Luckily, Bloomington is just as obsessed with pretzel sticks, an excellent hybrid of a soft pretzel and a breadstick.

Here's the rundown of 5 best places to feed your pretzel and breadstick obsession at the same time. 

5. Yogi's

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Lauren Norwicz

These babies are crispy and just crunchy enough to be softened by the perfect scoop of beer cheese. They pair perfectly with your team winning the game. 

4. Quaff On

pretzel, bread, bun, sweet, pastry, dough
Nikki Naiman

These pretzels are delicious, piping hot and wide enough to spread the beer cheese right on them, while still small enough to not put you in a food coma. If you're looking to feed your pretzel obsession, but don't want a huge appetizer, this is the place.

3. Upland

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I mean, just look at that golden, chewy, salty perfection. Upland comes in third for their unique dipping sauces. Their feta red pepper dip (DELICIOUS and available for purchase at Bloomingfoods) makes these pretzels unique and delightfully savory.  

2. Scotty's Brewhouse 

sausage, meat, mustard
Nikki Naiman

I don't know what Scotty's does to make these pretzels so tasty and crunchy, but all I know is my mouth is watering even thinking about them. They're buttery and flaky and the beer cheese is something I've considered eating with a spoon, it's so good.  

1. The Tap

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The tap takes the number one spot because their beer cheese is salty, gooey and satisfying. And what goes better together than a local beer and pretzel sticks?