Missing Chi-Town? Fat Dan’s is the perfect place to go for the REAL DEAL. You might be skeptical with their four locations throughout Indianapolis and Bloomington. But they are no stranger to the Windy City, as the owner grew up in Chicago. Fat Dan’s is the ultimate comfort food hangout when your Chicago and New York deli style cravings start calling! Located right down the street from the Sample Gates on Kirkwood. Get a taste of Chicago in Bloomington's Fat Dan's. A carnivore’s true paradise.  

Natalie Jacobi

Famous Wings

If you are a wing lover, you gotta check these out! Fat Dan’s has even been voted one of the 5 best chicken wing spots in Indianapolis. Fat Dan’s is known for their in house smoked wings. This three hour smoking process is sure to leave the tastiest flavor of the meat to then be dunked in FD’s Hot Sauce, bbq, hot bbq, teriyaki, blue cheese, and honey Dijon. (We recommend FD’s Hot Sauce). If Fat Dan’s OG Smoked Jumbo Wings aren’t on your order, you’re doing it wrong. 

Natalie Jacobi

Dirty Tots

You have to go extra hungry to Fat Dan’s because this is yet another must, and we haven’t even gotten to the main courses yet! This is the ultimate feel-good food. I honestly can’t say that I’ve ever had a bad tater tot, but it’s all in the toppings for these bad boys. This basket is smothered in cheese sauce, smoked pork, FD’s Hot Sauce, and scallions. The cheese perfectly soothes the hot zing of the sauce. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it...

Natalie Jacobi

All the Meats

Pulled pork, brisket, ribs, meatloaf, burgers... but we can’t forget the classic Chicago dog! Something about this simple, classic hot dog is all I need. The Chicago dog is ¼ lb Vienna beef dog that comes with mustard, tomato, green relish, onion, peppers, celery salt, and Chicago pickles. Paired with the perfect beer, and this just hits different.

Natalie Jacobi

In the mood for something a little more hearty? How about the Italian Beef? This classic sandwich with roots deep in Chicago is another meet filled sandwich that will be sure to hit the spot. Juicy, roast beef stuffed in an Italian roll with spiced au jus and giardiniera peppers. Need I say more?

Natalie Jacobi

While yes, Fat Dan’s is known for their classic take on Chicago deli favorites, they also offer New York deli classics as well. Hot pastrami and corned beef! A little taste of the east coast. But we truly can’t forget their other amazing sandwiches too. The very first time I went to Fat Dan’s I ordered the Pressed Cubano. Normally I don’t think this is a typical item I would order, but I was so glad I did. With 100% honesty, this was one of my favorite sandwiches I had ever had.

They even offer daily specials including meatloaf on Wednesday’s and ribs on the weekends. Fat Dan’s spends their Friday’s prepping the meat for you on Saturday’s. They are even going to start offering specials through btownmenus and with the start of IU football!

Side Duos

You can’t order a sandwich, hot dog, wings, or whatever it may be without a side to complement all of the flavors! They offer house-made coleslaw, cottage cheese, mac n’ cheese, pickles, tots, and the “Best Fries in the Universe.” My favorite part about ordering their fries is that they are delivered to the table spread out on a sheet of white paper. Perfect for sharing and losing track of your portion control!


What’s a hot dog without beer? Nothing. Which is why Fat Dan’s has more than 20 beers on tap. The have a rotating selection depending on what’s available, popular, or requested. Go soon to catch the Pumpkin Spice Ale before it’s gone!

Natalie Jacobi

Certified meats, seven days a week! Catch them Monday through Thursday 11 AM to 10 PM, Friday and Saturday 11 AM to 11 PM, and Sunday 11 AM to 9 PM. Wings, burgers, pulled pork, brisket, dogs, sausage, and sandwiches galore. The menu is so extensive it might require a lot of prior thinking before you are able to make up your mind. Fat Dan’s brings the ultimate flavor of Chicago and NYC right here in Btown. Get a taste of Chicago in Bloomington's Fat Dan's.