Baking cookies can be fun, but we all know the best part is actually eating the raw dough. Cookie Jar DC, a local company crafting jars of egg-less and preservative-free dough, lets you indulge your cookie cravings without the hassle of slaving away in the (common room) kitchen. The company teamed up with Spoon Georgetown to offer three of their most popular flavors to students.

The Event

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Hailey Maher

The awesome members of Spoon Georgetown camped out in Red Square with even more awesome tubs of gourmet cookie dough. Passerbys were invited to sample as many of the flavors as they liked. Personally, I had to taste each flavor a few times, for research purposes, of course.

The Flavors

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Hailey Maher

Cookie Jar DC provided us with three of their most popular flavors: Vegan Chocolate Chip, Sugar Cookie Funfetti, and Double Chocolate M&M.

Vegan Chocolate Chip provides the true cookie dough experience. Loaded with chocolate chips, a bite of this dough will make any college student nostalgic for their mother's homemade cookies.

Sugar Cookie Funfetti is prefect for those who enjoy a classic, simple sugar cookie. Plus the sprinkles are just so cute.

Double Chocolate M&M is for the loyal chocoholic. This flavor features a deep chocolate dough with lots of candies mixed in for a subtle crispiness in each bite.

The company also offers other flavors like Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Mint Chocolate Chip, and seasonal flavors as well.

The Real Question

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Hailey Maher

"I missed the event! Where can I buy it?" Good question. Have no fear, you can Cookie Jar DC products at Georgetown's very own Vital Vittles. Feeling too lazy to make the trek up Regents never-ending stairs? Get it delivered straight to your dorm with UberEATS, DoorDash, Grubhub, or Postmates.

Cookie Jar DC is the answer to any sweet tooth craving without the hassle of having to prepare your own dough. Try all of their flavors, and be on the lookout for more Georgetown Spoon events like this one!