College is tough. You find yourself drinking vodka out of plastic bottles and shotgunning beers when you know you’re bad at chugging and you don’t want beer all over your face and body.

The guys at Knockout feel your pain, so they came up with a little device to help you shotgun beers more smoothly so you don’t look like a total dud. They also took care of another college pastime: smoking weed.

The Knockout is a “bottle top attachment that turns any bottle into a beer bong, water bong or gravity bong.”

It lets you shotgun a beer and take a hit at the exact same time, which sounds totally dangerous, and totally college. They say:

If you want to revolutionize your party, do a Knockout. It’s the fuckin’ demon spawn of a beer bong and a gravity bong. Just grip it, flip it and rip it.

Watch their video to see how this ridiculous thing works, kick yourself for not having invented this on your own, and then order one asap.

A nice little diagram to help you make sense of this thing.