Can we all agree that Galentine's Day is way better than Valentine's Day? Galentine's Day is celebrated on February 13th and was created by Amy Pohler's character on Parks and Rec, Leslie Knope. Its sole purpose is to show your appreciation for your ladies and to have fun sans the pressure of Valentine's Day.

Enter Whole Foods, the perfect place to pick up a range of gifts for all of your girlfriends. There are SO many deals going on for V-day! I also found so many perfect gifts that I did not even know Whole Foods had.

Their main promotion is two dozen Whole Trade roses for $24.99. If you are an Amazon Prime member (which you really should be), they are only $19.99! You can give the whole two dozen to a super special lady, or split them up into some small jars for a few friends. Also, by buying these roses, you are promoting a great cause. The Whole Trade Guarantee is committed to ethical trade, working conditions, and the environment. 

Another deal to get excited about is their sale on essential oils and accessories that go with the oils, including diffusers and humidifiers. You get 25% off a wide array of oil scents and diffusers. This is especially great for students because candles are not allowed in dorms (and your dorm probably does not smell great). 

Last but not least... chocolate! There are so many deals on Whole Food's wall of fancy chocolate bars. For example: Chocolove bars are 2 for $4 (originally $2.99 each) and Endangered Species Chocolate bars are 2 for $5 (originally $3.19 each). Personally, chocolate is my favorite part of these holidays, so I was super excited to see the little sale signs hanging off of the chocolate wall. 

Now onto the Galentine's gifts!

For your friend who needs to relax:

Molly Lumsden

Whole Foods Fizzling Bath Bomb: $2.99

Whole Foods Fizzling Bath Bomb: $2.99

Papyrus Gift Bag: $5.95

Total: $12.68

These relaxing products will definitely help someone chill out during the upcoming midterms. And the cute gift bag just makes this Galentine's gift better!

For your roomie: 

Molly Lumsden

Papyrus Greeting Card: $5.95

Chocolove Chocolate Bars: 2 for $4

(Optional: a few roses from the double dozen)

Total: $9.95

Molly Lumsden

OR be just the right amount of extra and get her a Lake Champlain Chocolate Box: $11.99

New Total: $17.94

Trust me, if you give your roommate food, she will love you forever. The adorable card just tops it all off! Bonus from the roses: you get to see them since you two do share a room. 

For your off-campus bestie:

Molly Lumsden

Pacha Soap Co. Froth Bombs: $6.62 for 2 (or $12.99/lb)

Divine Dark Chocolate Hearts: $3.99

Total: $10.61

She is the only one you know that actually has a bathtub, so she can use these awesome froth bombs from Pacha Soap Co. 

For your ride or die: 

Molly Lumsden

Papyrus Greeting Card: $7.95

Burt's Bees Lipstick: $8.99

WF Froth Bomb: $3.31

Potomac Chocolate Coconut Bar: $6.39 (on sale from $7.99) 

(Optional: a few roses from the double dozen)

Total: $26.64

Your ultimate Galentine has been there for you through everything, so her gift needs a little bit of everything. 

Bonus: Your mom

Molly Lumsden

Double Dozen Whole Trade Roses: $19.99 (with Amazon Prime)

Divine Dark Chocolate Hearts: $3.99

Total: $23.98

I think that we can all agree that your mom deserves the entire double dozen this Galentine's Day. And you cannot go wrong with high quality dark chocolate hearts from Divine Chocolates.