Halloween is coming up, and whether you're on the hunt for a last minute costume, or just in need of a laugh, these funny (& punny) food-inspired halloween costumes will do the trick (or treat!). All of these costumes are easy to DIY, and some are even sold in stores. Let's get spooky

1. French Toast

This costume is super cute for any breakfast lover. Now I’m sure you’re thinking that dressing up like a giant piece of bread is just ridiculous— and you’re right! All you really need is a French person enjoying some toast and... BOOM: “French” toast. This costume is super easy for those of you who wait until the last minute to plan a costume because you can use things already in your closet! The only other thing you need is a printer and some string to create a head-turning, mouth-watering costume.

2. Bread Winner

We all know that breadwinners roll in those big bucks, but what about those big loafs? Loafs of bread I mean! This costume requires little effort, unless driving to the nearest supermarket and picking up 5 loaves of bread counts as effort. The only other thing you’ll need are some old sports medals and trophies. #carbs #winning

3. Spice Girls

If you wanna be creative, you gotta get all your friends. Don’t get me wrong, we all love the OG Spice Girls, but there some new kids on the block who might have the upper hand. They call themselves Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice, Pepper, and Cumin. Also known as the Spice Girls, you and your crew can bring flavor to every door and every dance floor you shake it to this Halloween!

4. Holy Guacamole

The guacamole gods have spoken, and they’ve come to tell you that this guac is NOT extra! Recycle your old angel halo and wings for this adorable and laughable twist to the classic favorite. Now you don’t have to just eat guacamole; you can BE guacamole. Stay away from people dressed as chips though, because this Halloween you’re flying solo!

5. Smart Cookie

Remember in elementary school whenever you got a good grade, mom and dad would hang it on the fridge and grandma would call you her “smart little cookie”? Well now you’re in college, and old and grown. But, tell grandma not to worry— you can still be her smart cookie! After you dig up your deeply buried high school cap and gown, print out some cookies, maybe even bake a couple real ones, and you’ve got yourself a costume that will not disappoint.

6. Frappe Queen

You’ll be turning heads soon as you come in the door. You could be tall, grande, or venti, but no matter what, you’ll rule over the rest of the Starbucks costumes! This takes the good old “basic b*tch” Starbucks lover to a whole new level. Pick any flavor frappe you want (mocha, caramel, or even the long gone but never forgotten unicorn frappe), and throw on a crown and some glitter, and you’re good to go. You don’t just love Starbucks, you own it!

Each of these funny (& punny) food-inspired halloween costumes are making me hungry for some candy. Whether you're ring doorbells all night, or tearing up the dance floor, these costumes will be the talk of the town. So I guess there's only one question left to ask. Are you ready for Halloween?